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Treat Yourself With This List Of Ice Cream Heaven In Bali

Lien LaLien La
Treat Yourself With This List Of Ice Cream Heaven In Bali1
Treat Yourself With This List Of Ice Cream Heaven In Bali
"Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy ice cream and that's kind of the same thing." It's never a bad time for ice cream, but there's certainly a good time for it, and that time is now. Here are my top picks for places in Bali serving killer ice cream, that will create an explosion of flavors in your mouth.
Photo Source:  Gusto Gelato & Caffe
Gusto Gelato serves some unique flavors with herbs and spices such as the lemongrass and ginger or the chocolate chilli flavor. My favorite is the Cinnamon & Tamarillo Gelato, which is made from real Tamarillo fruit and Cinnamon. Very good and refreshing! 
Photo Source:  Paletas Wey
Paletas Wey serves a bunch of varieties of pop sickle, from frutiy until creamy, they all will make you mouth watering. The pop sickles are packed with rich fruit flavors and in each bite, the taste will just keep getting better. I would highly recommend the waterlemom with lime, which is sweet on the top and sour on the bottom. 
Photo Source: 
Lello Lello has too many choices of gelato on offer, you can have your pick from milky, chocolaty, coffee or fruit-based sorbet. There are also some unique local flavors like Dodol. The staff even let you taste some flavors before ordering. You will definitely be spoilt in this ice cream paradise!
Photo Source:  Gaya Gelato
Gaya gelato is an absolute must for anyone going to Bali! It is a small and cozy place to enjoy your gelato. The peanut butter salted caramel is to die for. Other highly recommended flavors are the chilli choc, choc arancia, bacio, and hazelnut praline. Go on & indulge yourself.
Photo Source:  Yogurt Republic
Yogurt Republic is right in the heart of Kuta and perfect for a little 'gelato-break' from a shopping or beach day. They provide fresh and cooling frozen yogurth with a wide and nice selection of fruit topping. Another highlight is that the staff offers cold towels with a lemongrass smell while eating your yogurt.
Photo Source:  Gelato Secrets
Delicious gelato, many flavours to choose from and a lovely setting. Gelato Secrets uses local/indonesian ingredients, so it feels even more unique. If your are feeling more adventurous, try out the bamboo charcoal or the durian flavor. But my must try favorite is their snickers ice cream - hands down!