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The Soho Diner Never Sleeps

The Soho Diner Never Sleeps - Main Photo
The Soho Diner Never Sleeps

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.09.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.09.35 PM

Despite legendary philosopher Snoop Lion (1971 – ) declaring conclusively that “the party don’t stop ’til six in the morning,” the sad truth is that, for much of Bali, the party does keep fairly regular business hours. If you’re stranded in the hours between 3am and 6am, you know that life can only be made better via the intake of hamburgers and oxtail soup and nachos.

Totally nachos.

Soho Diner does not stop. Soho Diner does not quit. Despite a recent late-night-nacho embargo due to a round of renovations, Soho Diner is now open 24-hours a day and intends to stay that way for the remainder of foreseeable human history. Rejoice and be fed Chili Burgers.

We kid, but only kind of. Balinese culture has its exceptions, but it is an island that runs on the schedule of

The sun rises on a Mexican burger at the Soho Diner. Not picture: judgement.

The sun rises on a Mexican burger at the Soho Diner. Not picture: judgement.

the sun. And while you might be joining the locals in appreciating the sunrise at 6am, the difference is that they just woke up from a good night’s sleep. Getting fed in the magic hours between the after-after-party and dawn is harder than you might think.

Soho Diner does most everything right to fill this nightowl-shaped hole in Bali’s dining needs. For the last ten years, they’ve cultivated the kind of place where you can feel comfortable with the fact that pork ribs just kinda taste better with a side of insomnia.

There are no frills, no themes, no ‘holistic’ this or ‘wellness’ that. The chairs are comfortable and the tables seem sturdy enough to support both the all-day breakfast menu and the weight of your poor decision making.

Restaurants don’t last for a decade without doing something right. And on an island where you can find all of life’s answers, its comforting to know that one of those answers is: “Yes, you can get an omelet whenever you want.”

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