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The Color of Pomegranates

The Color of Pomegranates - Main Photo
The Color of Pomegranates

Cafe Pomegranate

Cafe PomegranateQraved Journal has just found its new favorite way to spend an evening: Cafe Pomegranate.

We begin with an apology to our film-enthusiast brethren: no, we are not going to be talking about the late 60’s avant-garde film of the same name, despite its cult following. Here, we talk about the glories of food. And sometimes She’s All That, because we’re not entirely made of stone. But we’re digressing, when we should be talking about one of our new favorite places.

We’d like to think that got its name from simply looking up at sunset, the mood and atmosphere of reddish cotton candy skies that remind you of the exquisite colors of the fruit. The second you set foot in this café, you’re given over to exquisite scenery.

Located in the middle of a rice field in Ubud and surrounded by mountains, Café Pomegranate is a place worth visiting. It provides a 360° open view and is disconnected from the busy main streets, allowing you Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 3.19.01 PMto lay back and enjoy the cool breeze and watch life in the fields slowly pass by. And when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you’d be wrong. As the sun sets looking over towards the Camphuan River, the stars come out. The fireflies buzz about, and the view of the city lights in Nusa Dua, Kuta, and Jimbaran twinkle from afar.

And the food! Oh, the food. The menu ranges from the expected beats of Japanese and European, and delves into a locally-sourced assortment of tasty Indonesian food. The drinks come, the night lingers, and then suddenly it’s sunrise. Café Pomegranate is ambiance, and a celebration of everything that people come to visit Ubud for.

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