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The 6 Most Enchanting Things About Being Biku

The 6 Most Enchanting Things About Being Biku - Main Photo
The 6 Most Enchanting Things About Being Biku



One of our favorite ways to describe the people that travel — we mean, really, really throw themselves into the total exploration of a place — is that they’re ‘collectors of worlds’. Sights, sounds, experiences, languages, ideas, foods; true travelers are people who seek to bundle all of these things into their memories and carry them with them.

Biku is kind of like as if somebody attempted to capture their own world and then place them within four walls… and then decided that the only thing more enchanting than that would be to serve up a series of dainty dessert plates and steaming pots of tea. It’s like walking in on someone’s memory of a time and place, and then having diner there.

So, as we said: enchanting. Let’s talk about it.


This is the dining room at Biku, which is a whimsical place to drink tea, eat scones, and admire all the different ways that dark woods can be used as furniture. There are a lot!


While the world moves quickly, Biku says emphatically: ‘No!’ There is nothing that’s more pressing than escaping the midday sun and having tea. You will be a better person for stopping to sit and have tea.


And a dessert. You know what’s great about having a place that really knows how to properly bake a cupcake? Your caloric defense mechanisms collapse at first beat. You will have another, there is no other choice.


Feeding your stomach is all well and good — if you had the above cupcakes, really good! — but Biku also has a bookstore for the feeding of your brain. Scientists have proven that you need six hours of reading to remove the impairment done by every hour of a Gordon Ramsay reality show. Get reading!


Not in the mood for tea and/or crumpets? There’s a full kitchen serving all manner of deliciousness, culminating in the exquisite sandwichness of the Vietnamese bahn mi.


And then finally: a lot of restaurants will offer you enchantment and desserts, but how many can also offer you a Tarot reading while you’re enjoying your tea? We’re going to authoritatively guess that the answer is ‘just Biku’.



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