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The Rise Of The Food Court Culture In Bali

The Rise Of The Food Court Culture In Bali - Main Photo
The Rise Of The Food Court Culture In Bali

kuta beach food court bali

Sometimes the heart wants what it wants. No m

atter how far we’ve wandered around, no matter how long we’ve been away from home, we always go back to everything we grew up with. This isn’t only applicable to the environment we lived in or the friends we used to be young and act foolish with–it also includes the authentic cuisine from our home countries.

I know it’s true, because it’s something I go through most of the time. Whenever I travel, at some point during my journey, a sudden longing to have a taste of Betawi food pops up. It sucks whenever I’m not able to satisfy the craving. However, because of the apparent rise of the food industry around the world, I’m not going to worry anymore, or at least in Bali.

Diversity is both a benefit and a curse. Without it, a place would be bland and dull. I can’t imagine living in a place where there’s only a single culture contributing to the food scene. However, you get a little bit too much of it, and you would not be able to taste what they call authenticity. In fact, Bali has utilized this privilege accordingly.

Appreciating the diversity in Bali, there has been a rapid rise of the food court culture. The reason is simple: the demand to taste uniqueness from all around the world in a single place. Wait, I think I’m lacking something crucial, which is the fact that they are relatively cheap compared to restaurants in general. Various, comforting, tasty, and reasonable prices. Sounds like a perfect combo.

The food court culture in Bali can also be a medium through which the diversity of cultures from all over the world is unanimously embraced. I’ve always loved having dinner at food courts that offer cuisines from all over the world. In fact, this kind of places are pretty easy to find across Bali. Or, if you already have in mind what’s for lunch or dinner today, there are also food courts that focus on only one kind of cuisine, for example, seafood food courts, and among the most popular ones is Kuta Beach Food Court.

Here you can find lots (and lots!) of mouthwatering seafood options, and they do not come from only one stall. Chinese style, Balinese style, you name it. Below you can find gigantic boards of seafood menu. Perhaps I’m just too much of a foodie that only by looking at the menu boards my stomach growls. And to give you a little warning, the seafood is too addictive if you pair them with beer.

Photo source: iisjong


Kayu Ayu Food Court is another place that you’ve been dreaming of. This place is the true definition of a food paradise. Whether if you miss the taste of succulent American pork ribs or juicy burgers, or the authentic Mexican taste in a bite of quesadilla, or you just simply want some local bang, this place has the answer to all of your thirst. Stalls that you must try include Wacko Burger.

Three stacks of crispy onion rings, juicy wagyu beef, melted cheese, garlic aioli, and last but not least, bacon, make up one of the most beautiful-looking dishes I’ve ever come across in my entire life. Don’t need to ask about the taste. It will make you speechless.

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Last but not least, there’s a place that’s actually taking the food court scene to the next level, and this is totally a must-visit one. JEBAK is not your ordinary place. JEBAK stands for Jejak Bali Kuliner, and it’s not just a food court. It has meeting rooms, a playground for your children, and even a photo booth for you and your friends to have fun with.

Photo source: jejakbalikuliner

From Nasi Liwet to seafood pasta and everything in between, JEBAK has the solution to your cravings. If you’re a local tourist and craving for a taste of hometown in the middle of your summer vacation, Waroeng Sunda Kang Zanger, Kedai Mbak Ngakak, and Pempek Quincy will smack your tongue instantly. Dishes from Madam Churros and Deliziosa Pizza will also fulfill your longing for authentic European dishes with reasonable prices.

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Seeing the enthusiasm of the Bali society towards the diversity in their town is something to be proud of. They take it as a pleasure, and allocate it efficiently through the rise of the establishment of amazing restaurants, and of course, food courts.

As you can see, from high-class restaurants with extraordinary natural beauty views to food courts taken to the next level, Bali is absolutely a true haven for foodies from all around the world. A trip to Bali does not only include having fun at the parties and the beach, yet, unconsciously, we also get to enrich ourselves with insights from different cultures only through the stuff that we eat.

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