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Monokrom Has A Green Hamburger, And You Need To Try It Now

Monokrom Has A Green Hamburger, And You Need To Try It Now
 - Main Photo
Monokrom Has A Green Hamburger, And You Need To Try It Now

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.11.04 PM
Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.11.04 PM

Monokrom, serving the brunch of late rising champions.

Monokrom is a restaurant that experiments without losing track of taste, has coffee great coffee without Third Wave excess, and has hanging light-bulbs like the loft party you didn’t know you actually wanted to go to.

When you make the decision to open a restaurant in south Bali, you’re deciding to play in a pretty competitive league. If you’re going to do fine dining, you’re going to be going up against some of the kitchen titans of Asia. When you’re going after the surfers, you have to understand that there are some guys down the street who do tacos and tattoos and you’re going to have to explain to your customers why you’re better than tacos and tattoos. And when you do boho-quirky, you’re going up against places like Sea Circus, which have their picture in dictionaries next to the definition for ‘whimsical’.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.10.43 PM

The Green Lantern Burger. Tempting us to make an unforgivably dorky comic book joke, but we’ll restrain ourselves.

So when people are like ‘there’s a new beach bohemian place and they sell a green hamburger and it’s amazing!’, we’re kind of skeptical. And then we tried the Green Lantern Burger and we apologized to everyone sitting nearby, and then to the wait staff, and had to be restrained from doing the same to the guys working the grill.

This is a really, really good burger — it just also happens to be served on a green bun.

Honestly, when you get past the color — the work of using copious amounts of some shouldn’t-work-totally-does basil in the baking recipe — the Green Lantern Burger is just a really good hamburger. And when you consider how many bad hamburgers get served in Bali, that’s something to celebrate. The meat was a solid medium rare, the vegetables were fresh and the onions sauteed perfectly, the french fries were homemade and tasted like French Fried potatoes. It works; it so, so works. Which when you consider the amount of ‘experimental’ cuisine gracing our fair shores, getting the taste right is something everyone can take a lesson on.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.15.44 PM

Decor and ambiance that says all the right things by not saying too much.

The decor and the music and the music is loft minimal, the kind of place that allows you to drink your espresso — hand-pulled, because what kind of barbarian drinks push-button espresso? — and settle in for a conversation that will not be ruined by either loud music or loud people. If anything, Monokrom makes the perfect place for the unconventional date night after you’ve met eyes with that special-ish someone. You can escape the city, but you cannot escape the zeitgeist of the coffee shop romance.

All-in-all, Monokrom does all the stuff you need it to: a good brunch menu for late risers, an unconventional menu that still leaves you happy at the table, and the kind of coffee that will allow you a long evening of chatting with friends or caffeinated for further adventures later into the evening.



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