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Finding Your Bombora Bliss


Ride a pipeline of beach food classics at the decidedly g

narly surf shack Bombora.

The ultimate Qraved Journal confession: despite loving, living, and eating Bali for all these many years, our knowledge of surfing derives mostly from bromance-crime classic Point Break and the under-appreciated girl power epic Blue Crush. And while these films might have given strong guidance in how to rob banks and/or be a strong and independent woman, we learned very little in the specifics of what to do other than go into the ocean with a piece of wood and stand on it.

It is reasons like these that we feel that surf school/surf shack Bombora is vital for your visit to Bali. Not only do they have a staff of accredited surf maestros that can inform you what phrases such as ‘board’ and ‘wave’ mean, you can also get a really good pad thai. Surf’s up, bruh.

As we are totally unqualified to make notes on the quality of the surf, we consider ourselves something of Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 11.55.43 AMan expert on the subject of beach cuisine. The first question to be answered is simple: will there be beer? There will be beer, and it will be ice cold! The second question: will there be nasi goreng? There will be nasi goreng, and it will be filled with spicy seafood goodness and topped with a delightful fried egg. Already, you’re well on your way to a pleasant meal.

We jest, but nobody comes to the beach to have a twelve course tasting menu before paddling out. What you want is for the sandwiches and burgers to be plentiful, the mixed Asian menu to show that the chef knows how to cook local cuisine, and for their to be a varied list of alcohols to consume while relaxing in bucolic beach splendor.

The Qraved app won’t help you catch a wave, but it will help you paddle out to an ocean of rad places to eat, bro-dad. Download it for iOS and Android.



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