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BRB, we’re running away to join the circus.

BRB, we’re running away to join the circus. - Main Photo
BRB, we’re running away to join the circus.

sea circus


When reviewing coffee shops, Qraved Journal generally judges them on based on three criteria. Not just these three, mind you, but these three kind of end up on the top of the list.

1. The quality of the coffee. This is Bali, so every place you go ‘serves coffee’, but we’re not interested in that artificially flavored, slightly burnt dreck. We want to feel the enlightened touch of a caffeinated universe that only specialty coffee provides.

2. Decor. While we have nothing but love for palm huts and joglos, we have hit the 10384362_897177120297298_6869270326798781860_ntipping point on minimalist chic. Your hard wooden lines and untreated concrete is great. If you’re not doing Balinese architecture, we would like to see some pops of unbridled neon excess.

3. Sparking word play. The whole reason we drink coffee is so that we come up with clever things to say so that beautiful people will like us. We expect our ideal coffee shop to be a temple of… word stuff. Beautiful word stuff.

Which brings us to the topic of conversation: Sea Circus. Sea Circus manages to be everything we hoped our ideal coffee shop would be, and then adds a garnish of beetroot and quinoa on top of it. Sea Circus is a Wes Anderson movie cleverly masquerading as a place where you go to drink coffee. It produces whimsy and delight on an almost industrial scale. Its color palette is sea-foam green, tangerine, and idealized childhood.

But having said all of that: what about the coffee? The cold drip arrives, and it’s a moment of dread-mixed-with-anticipation: a good cold-brew coffee is the best taste on Earth on a searing hot day, and a bad cold-brew coffee is not entirely waking up and realizing that Santa isn’t real.

And then you drink it and all is right with the world.

The blend here, a custom piece of work from Australia’s intimidatingly exacting Five Senses Coffee Roasters, is a work of art. Smooth and bright and nourishing, this is the coffee that you’re looking for. You elevate briefly from your seat, smile benevolently, and go about your day.

Thank you, Sea Circus.



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