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Bale Sutra : The Palace of Harmony

Bale Sutra 1

A 306-years-old Kang Xi period temple that was almost demolished in the 1990s in Java.

It was transported and reconstructed in its entirety at Tugu, and it stands as a symbol of

harmony between the ancient Peranakan (Indonesian Chinese) and ancient Balinese

culture. This temple is housed in a beautiful red room, displaying a spectacular 18th

century statue of the Goddess of Mercy, an ancient gigantic mask, and various other

priceless artworks. The Bale Sutra is said to have housed the most beautiful dinners in the


Some of the dining experience we could offer in Bale Sutra are :

1. Imperial ChinaRoyal Dinner of the Chinese Dynasties This extravagant dinner is served at the Bale

Sutra, a red room with large black and white paintings. The Bale Sutra is said to be the most

beautiful dining room in the whole of Indonesia.The Bale Sutra houses a 305-year-old Kang Xi

period temple that was almost demolished in Java. It was painstakingly moved piece by piece

to be reconstructed at Hotel Tugu Bali.

Bale Sutra 2

Presented on lavish antique silver and Ming style tableware, this authentic dining experience of

Oriental elegance is something that will be remembered for a lifetime. Whether you are two

or twenty, you will be seated on an antique long dining table with 18th century gold threadembroidered

Chinese silk in the private temple, illuminated by rows of red candles, with the

tunes of the Mang Khim (an ancient Chinese musical instrument) playing in the background.

Our chef will prepare one of the 3 extravagant set menus of fine Oriental cuisine to choose


2.Forbidden City Dinner

Bale Sutra – Kang Xi Temple 1706For hundreds of years, life in the Palace of Forbidden City of Beijing was dominated by the

large number of eunuchs – men castrated necessary to qualify as the emperor’s servants.

In 1644 the Manchus conquered the Ming Dynasty and built the last dynasty to rule China,

under the name “Qing”. The emperors during the Qing dynasty were very proud of the parties

they held, especially the parties that took place in the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the room

that was used to enthrone Emperor Pu Yi in 1908.

At the end of the Ming Dynasty there were about 70,000 eunuchs employed by the emperor,

some serving inside the Imperial Palace. Certain eunuchs gained immense power that

occasionally superseded that of prime ministers.

It is said that the justification of the employment of eunuchs as high-ranking civil servants

was that, since they were incapable of having children, they would not be tempted to seize

power and start a dynasty. The emperors’ concubines were also protected from any potential

affairs they might have had with men working in the palace complex. The dinner parties in

this Hall of the Supreme Harmony were famous for their excellent service and their

entertainment. The privilege of welcoming of the Emperor’s guests had the most experienced

senior eunuchs.

This Eunuch Imperial Dining culture slowly disappeared after the fall of the Qing Dynasty in

1911, which was put to an end by the famous Chinese Revolution led by Sun Yat Sen.

Political unrest continued in China in the following years, and in 1948, there were only very

few eunuchs in China, down from thousands inhabiting the palace during the time of Emperor

Pu Yi.

Bale Sutra 3

Emperor Pu Yi only kept 50 of his best eunuchs to serve him during the end of his terms. A

year after Emperor Pu Yi was dismissed from the Palace, people said his bad karma resulted

from how badly he treated some of the eunuchs during his term of power.These days, this unique, colorful and merry way of dining, is brought back to life by the Tugu

Bali. It was inspired by the imperial way of dining in the Hall of Supreme Harmony at the

Forbidden City. At all Tugu hotels and restaurants, this exquisite dining experience can be

held under the stars or in the ancient temples that have been reconstructed in each of our

Tugu properties. In Tugu Bali, it is done at the 305-year-old Kang Xi period temple of Bale


Presenting delicious dishes of choice on antique silver trays, the dinner features a procession

of eunuchs in colorful clothes and masks, playing merry instruments and singing poetic


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