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An Au Naturale Romance, Teras Padi Cafe

An Au Naturale Romance, Teras Padi Cafe - Main Photo
An Au Naturale Romance, Teras Padi Cafe

Rice Terrace

Rice Terrace

We know this jaw dropping view from the rice fields looks all kinds of awe-inspiring peculiar to you, as if you’re witnessing some never-before-seen piece of the ancient world. Well, we’re sorry to break your Indiana Jones dreams but it isn’t. The locals called it terasering, a unique paddy cultivation technique that has been on point for ages and used to avoid soil erosion.

That’s just how up on aesthetic-agricultural game Bali is. This is normal scenery to us. We run this.

Teras Padi Café is nested on the edge of a hill in northern Ubud, facing the serene view of the iconic paddy fields. Here, you have all time in the world to finally unwind and live in the moment. Turn off that phone of yours; you don’t need to see the exact outdated meme being posted again and again do you?

You’re not missing out, they’re the ones missing out.


Yung Coco; great drink, better name for aspiring hip-hop artist.

Don’t even bother to take pictures here because you won’t need it and you can’t immortalize moments. Instead, try to appreciate true beauty in all your being. Well maybe food and beauty; food will always be great company for beauty. Try a light snack like fried bananas, spring rolls and a sip of fresh young coconut. The menu is a series of small bites, most picked directly from the morning markets, all the perfect compliment for soaking in one of the world’s greatest stages.

The atmosphere here practically submerges your senses in place. It’s a spectacular view to be shared, or if you travel alone, the perfect place to begin a new romance.

And you won’t need your phone to make it happen.



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