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7 Restaurants In Sanur You Must Try

7 Restaurants In Sanur You Must Try - Main Photo
7 Restaurants In Sanur You Must Try

manik organik

Other than Nusa Dua, if you want a sweet escape over the weekend with some pure serenity, you know Sanur is the perfect place to be. Even though it’s widely recognized for its peaceful and quiet atmosphere, it doesn’t mean that you can not find exciting entertainment and of course, a variety of amazing food! Believe me, they can easily be found around the area. Pay a visit to the restaurants below and you’ll prove it to yourself.


1. Manik Organic

Manik Organik sanur

Photo source: vilondo

What could be better than enjoying a fresh selection of healthy meals in the ultimate area of serenity? Get your morning done right here with their organic food. Breakfast has never been so good!

manik organic sanur find out more



2. Three Monkeys

three monkeys sanur

Photo source: citiesgallery

One thing I can say about this place: good vibes only. You can spend hours just chilling while observing its unique ornaments. Simply love how tropical atmosphere is dominating the interior. The food served ranges from Western, Asian, to Mediterranean. This place has everything you need for a perfect summer day!

three monkeys sanur find out more



3. Charming

Char Ming sanur

Photo source: bali-indonesia

This place is truly extraordinary. You can feel the warmth from the blend of Javanese atmosphere and a touch of Balinese heritage the moment you step your feet into this place. The garden located inside also provides an exciting yet calm dining experience like no other. Be prepared to spend Rp. 45.000,- to Rp. 225.000,- for the food.

char ming sanur find out more



4. Pergola Tokyo

Pergola Sanur

Photo source: vilondo

Here you can find a legit selection of sushi menu. Nice authentic ambience combined with good food and top notch service. Couldn’t ask for more.

pergola sanur find out more



5. Cafe Batu Jimbar

cafe batu jimbar sanur

Photo source: anythingbali

My favorite place to go when craving for some comforting healthy food. The ingredients used are fresh and organic, I can totally tell! The ambience is cozy and homey. It’s simply a place that I would go back to over and over again.

cafe batu jimbar sanur find out more



6. The Village

the village sanur

Photo source: ausindobalivillas

Buon giorno! Wanna have something Italian to recharge yourself in the morning? You can find an extensive selection of delicious Italian food right here. The authenticity is second to none. Enjoy your Italian morning with a lovely atmosphere!

the village sanur find out more



7. Dusk Blue

dusk blue sanur

Photo source: baligo

Lovely, lovely space like no other. This place kind of reminds me of those Nicholas Sparks movies… Makes me feel good about life. LOL. Anyways, come here for a delightful selection of desserts. You’d come back for more. Guaranteed.

dusk blue sanur find out more


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