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5 Most Mouthwatering Pork Ribs in Bali

Kevin IrwanKevin Irwan
5 Most Mouthwatering Pork Ribs in Bali - Main Photo
5 Most Mouthwatering Pork Ribs in Bali
With the amount of high quality pigs in Bali, it's not a surprise that pork ribs is one of the most popular food in Bali, well for tourist at least. Let's go back for a bit, pork itself is not the most popular protein in Indonesia. As the largest Muslim country in the world, pork falls way behind cows and chickens. But, the island of Bali is a bit different. Most Balinese are Hindunese, and they do eat pork. They don't just ate it, they produce, cook, and have high demand of quality pork. Due to the amount of expatriates tourist, and high quality local pork in Bali, don't be surprised if you can find a whole lot of high quality BBQ pork ribs in Bali. Here's of top 5 recommendation!
Photo Source:  blogs.wsj
We're gonna start with probably the most famous pork ribs spot in Bali. This place is so popular, they start expanding to different cities in Indonesia, but hey, you will never beat the goodness of the original place right? Even Robert De Niro says the ribs is here is the best outside the U.S.! Come on, that says a lot! Sticky tender goodness!
Photo Source:  hogwildinbali
Man, just look at that picture for 10 seconds, and don't tell us you're not qraving for it! Huge portion, super juicy, sweet tangy sauce, everything a growing boy need. A little side note, this spot is often full, but it's definitely worth it!
Photo Source:  justmytravelblog
This place is every carnivores dream! Everything from high quality different cuts of steaks, mean burgers, and of course, pork ribs! Just look at the caramelized goodness above, it's just so.. Glorious! That's not finger licking goodness, it's a whole body licking heavenly experience!
Photo Source:  theyumlist
Not exactly a 100% BBQ spot, but hell, you can get an awesome BBQ pork ribs here. Cooked to perfection, just enough meat on the bones, just enough spiciness, and the perfect touch of sweetness in the sauce. It's definitely worth your trip to Bali.
Photo Source:  tripadvisor
Great meal, great value. Huge portion, sweet tangy sticky goodness. Server with huge portion of potatoes. It's so good that you feels you want to be alone while eating it. Oh, and the restaurant itself is very heartwarming, perfect to escape the heat.