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RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Spicy Deep Fried Carp with Cobek Style

Kevin IrwanKevin Irwan
RECIPE OF THE WEEK:  Spicy Deep Fried Carp with Cobek Style - Main Photo
RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Spicy Deep Fried Carp with Cobek Style
This recipe is Sundanese version of spicy deep fried carp with cobek style. The secret key of making this menu is to blend the spices on Cobek. The additional spices such as Greater galingale or in Indonesan ‘kencur’ and freshly squeezed lemon juice make excellent additions to the fried carp. The blend of spicy flavors and freshness will arouse your taste buds.


- Carp

- Spice blend or seasoning:

10 g Greater galingale

15 g ginger

25 g cayenne pepper

40 g local sugar

15 g salt

10 g lemon juice

100 ml hot water

20 g whole red onion

Method of cooking:

1. Clean the carp, remove the entrails and clean in thoroughly with water

2. Make diagonal incision on the carp’s meat

3. Soak the carp in water filled with salt and lemon juice before cooking, then fried until the

color turns to golden brown

Prepare the Cobek Condiments:

1. Fried the onion around 2 minutes until soft, drained of oil, set aside

2. Press ginger, Kencur, sugar and salt until smooth

3. Add cayenne pepper, coarse grind

4. Add friend onion, coarse grind

5. Sprinkle with boiled water and mix evenly

6. Add freshly squeezed lemon juice, put the skin of lemon into spice blend mixes to create the

special aroma

7. Prepare the fried carp on a serving plate

8. Sprinkle the spice blend on top of the carp while still hot to make it absorbed better

9. Spicy deep fried carp in cobek style is ready to serve

About Chef Wijana:
Chef Wijana, the Executive Chef of Bale Udang Mang Engking Restaurant in Bali began his career since he was 21 years old. With 23 years of culinary experiences in hotels and villas, there is no doubt about his ability on processing and creating menus especially on Indonesian dishes.