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Seize the Weekend: Qraved Discounts, Go!

Seize the Weekend: Qraved Discounts, Go! - Main Photo
Seize the Weekend: Qraved Discounts, Go!

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The weekend is here, citizens of Qraved Nation. That thing where you have to go to a place for eight hours and earn money? You don’t have to do that today! Or tomorrow! You can quite literally maraud from restaurant to restaurant, pillaging menus like a modern Viking — a modern Viking who tips well and has impeccable taste, granted, but a modern Viking nonetheless.

This is your moment, Qravers! On to glory and slight bouts of gluttony, in the name of the weekend… and freedom!

(And discounts! Such discounts!)

RoCA: 35% Discount!

Multi - nasional restaurantAmongst the things the vikings pillaged in their raids, alongside the beer and the gold and other unspeakable things, were fine works of art. RoCA literally is inside a fine work of art! 35% percent weekend discount! Let no man stand in your way!


Beerdy: 10% Discount!

Western RestaurantWe know that the Viking diet involved large portions of both beer and grilled meat, but did they add the crucial final ingredient: virtual golf? They. Did. Not. And now they’re all dead. Let that be a lesson to you. 10% weekend discount at Beerdy!


Al Jazeerah Restaurant: 15% Discount!

Indian RestaurantFor those well-versed in the cinema of the late 1990s, the classic film the 13th Warrior tells us everything you need to know about how Vikings and Arabs mix: perfectly. 15% weekend discount at the Al Jazeerah. It’s what Antonio Banderas would want.


Double Doors: 30% discount!

Western Restaurant

We’ve already written about the Double Doors chicken wings, which are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened. There is nothing left to say. Something something Viking joke, book your reservation.


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