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Reader's Choice: Our 5 Best Rated Article in 2015

Kevin IrwanKevin Irwan
Reader's Choice: Our 5 Best Rated Article in 2015 - Main Photo
Reader's Choice: Our 5 Best Rated Article in 2015
It's very close to the end of the year! Hopefully it's been one heck of a year for you! Before we sing auld lang syne and say goodbye to 2015, let's look back a bit and check out our top 5 journals from 2015. This 5 articles is what you our beloved readers have click, read, respond, and shared the most. Our reader's choice top 5 articles for 2015!

7 Babi Guling in Bali That Will Melt in Your Mouth

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Since we're talking from Qraved Bali's point of view, it's only natural that an article about one of the most favourite and most popular Balinese cuisine reach this list. As you all know, Babi Guling is one of the most beloved dish from Bali, no wonder this article reach the top 5.

Best Steaks in Bali

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Well, being on this list prove that everyone loves steak, and Bali got a LOT of good, ummm, GREAT steaks to be exact. With the amount of tourist coming to Bali, is seems that a lot of our readers is looking for this westerners comfort food. If you have not, be sure to check out our list for best stakes in Bali!

10 Restaurants In GILI TRAWANGAN That Will Blow Your Mind Off!

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Okay, this might not be exactly a Balinese article, but Gili, the sister island of Bali, seems to generate a lot of interest too! Gili, the island on Lombok is the other paradise island from Indonesia besides Bali. A lot of tourist actually head to Gili right after Bali, so it's natural that our readers (you guys) search for great foods in Gili trough Qraved!

8 Cool Restaurants In BALI To See You Through The Weekend!

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Bali is the ultimate 'escape-from-reality' destination. From tourist abroad to locals who seeks for a quick vacation to escape their reality. This article explore 10 restaurants that will be a great spot to chill during the weekend. From Merah Putih to Mama San, all type of cuisine, with one thing in common, ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE!

Top 10 Chef in Bali to Look Out for

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Behind every great restaurants, is a great chef running the show. With the amount of fantastic restaurants in Bali, it's only natural that there is a lot of great chef roaming the island of Bali. This articles introduce you to the top 10 chef that has made their mark in Bali's f&b industry.
So that is it! Our top 5 journals in 2015! Those top 5 are your picks, our most read article, from us to you. We cannot wait to produce more quality journals to guide you in experiencing the best restaurants and bar! Thank you readers for a great 2015, let's all welcome 2016 with a bang! Remember, #LifeIsTasty