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Permanently on Vacation

Permanently on Vacation - Main Photo
Permanently on Vacation

The Edge

Let your battery recharge at these Jakarta gems.

Your days turn into nights. Weeks turn into months. When you can’t take any more of the concrete jungle but just can’t find the time to get out of town, look to these urban retreats for mini-staycations.

Western Restaurant

Enter The 3 House and take a deep breath. Exhale and the day slips off of you and you’re transported back to your childhood — but this version of childhood is even better, because at The 3 House, there’s wine.

Climb the stairs and dine al fresco, surrounded by greenery and bliss. Up on the roof, there are no traffic jams. No deadlines. Just fairy lights and trees and wonderful food, like their extraordinary rosemary chicken.


Rosemary Chicken

Need more than a just an evening out? An entire day of indulgence more your speed? Head down to the Kemang Icon Hotel. Located on the fifth floor, The Edge boasts a swimming pool, sweeping views of the Jakarta skyline, and an amazing menu.

Multi - nasional Restaurant

In between dips in the pool, sunsoaked naps, and a seemingly endless drink list, you’ll forget that you’re not actually on vacation.


Multi - Nasional Restaurant

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