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Food Pics Vs. Everything Bad About Monday

Food Pics Vs. Everything Bad About Monday - Main Photo
Food Pics Vs. Everything Bad About Monday

PEPeNERO Short Ribs

When we were growing up and Monday rolled around, our eyes bleary and the alarm clock pounding, our hearts really not into this whole ‘leave the bed and receive an education’ thing, the same thing would always happen.

Our mother, bless her heart, would march right up to bed and say, ‘Qraved Journal, every Monday the whole world begins again, with so many chances for new things to happen. But they probably won’t, so in the future you may need to be comforted by food photos.’

In retrospect, that might have been pretty formative for us. And in the spirit of ‘My soul is crushed, and yet I still wish food’, here are six photos that we think are categorically better than any bad thing that can possibly happen to you today.

Western RestaurantWilshire’s fish tacos don’t have any deadlines to give you. They don’t even know what deadlines are; they’re food. They only exist to make you happy.

Western CuisineThe shortribs at PEPeNERO cannot make the traffic go away, but when they arrive at your table you’re probably going to want to live there forever anyway.

Aro Aroy Pad ThaiWhen your regional sales lead asks ‘why haven’t you sent over the figures from October yet?’, you just go, “Aro Aroy. Pad Thai. Talk now, buddy.”

Japanese RestaurantTrue story: a lot of the corporate productivity innovations that have ruined your life came from Japan. But then there’s the Kaisen Oyako Don, so who cares?

Wagyu Blackmore Burger by ImmigrantThe first draft of this sentence was just us writing the word ‘hamburger’ thirty times. Immigrant’s Wagyu Burger. You are powerless to resist it.

1m Pizza by Opera BlancOpera Blanc has pizza in the same way we have existential despair about our career and love life; so completely that you cannot imagine life with out it.


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