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Comic Cafe? ‘Nuff said.

Do you have problems convincing people that you can be a viable grown-up just because you are able to name, in detail, all the things wrong with Superman in the New 52? Do you daydream about spending the day reading Transformers Genesis, yet also eating like an independent, self-sustaining adult?

Has the day come, a day unlike any other, when you’re forced to team-up with another to defeat the threat of your mom asking why you’re not married yet?

(Dating is tricky when your partner hasn’t the slightest idea who Happy Hogan is.)

Well, guess what, true believers?! Somewhere in far away Tebet, not too far away from Kasablanka, there lies the site of the Comic Cafe. This stronghold of culinary nerdery is a comfortable nook for everyone who loves comics – and the perfect place for you to show your date that, despite your Tinder preference for 24-hour cosplay, you can be their financially-viable superhero.

Western RestaurantMeanwhile, the smoked beef and egg sandwich present a galactic-level threat to our Paleo Diet!

As Doctor Strange and the All-Seeing Eye of Agimato look down on your date, you must try the Mushroom Riepieno. It’s elusive, juicy, and highly potent in alluring people to your many charms. The fresh, woody-scented mushrooms are ingeniously stuffed and baked with creamy cheese. One word of advice: remember to share.Western Restaurant

Asgardian legend has it that their Chicken Creamy Spinach pasta gives you superpowers. And by Odin’s beard, with the refreshingly simple presentation of greens, atop chunks of creamy chicken cuts served al dente with modest dressing, you’ll feel like Thor himself.

Though please, do not tell your date that you feel like Thor himself.

Comic Cafe has three alternate universes you’re free to explore. Each has their own unique, skillfully crafted menu. Their Citiscape location is like a citadel where Optimus Prime gazes upon the galaxy. As life itself is an adventure, roam their comical eateries and go see them for yourself.


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