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Milking Social Medias to Their Full Potential

Kevin IrwanKevin Irwan
Milking Social Medias to Their Full Potential - Main Photo
Milking Social Medias to Their Full Potential
So, we’re not here to talk about social media strategies such as contents, timeline, what you should post, and those other stuff you probably already know about. Matter of the fact is, a lot of companies out there sometimes waste too much time in thinking strategies for their social media, instead of understanding the actual potential of the social media out there.

Let’s talk about the biggest social media out there currently, Facebook. Unless they’re living under a rock, it’s easy to say that majority (real, real major) of the world’s population uses Facebook, Either for personal use or business purposes. Even huge companies has their own Facebook pages, from CNN, BMW, independent brands, to small business everywhere around the world, seems like having a Facebook account is so crucial nowadays. However, having a Facebook account for business, and create the perfect strategies, is not enough anymore. There are actually ways you can maximize the use of Facebook to the full potential to help your business.


The key is to understand the full use of the social media of your choice. Social media sites such as Facebook have different features and products you can use to help your business. Facebook has products such as Ads, Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, Audience Insights, and other features you probably didn’t notice even though you’re a user, am I right? Those kinds of products you’ve missed can in fact help you raise brand awareness and even drive online sales.
Qraved has actually been using those products from Facebook ourselves, and the impact is quite remarkable. By milking the full potential of Facebook features, we are able to increase our traffic 20X, and have an 80% lower cost acquisition. Those numbers can be reached because we’ve managed to realize and understands the full use of Facebook. Other than that, by using different Facebook’s feature, Qraved has been successful in finding out detailed data of our users.

So that’s just one simple example of one company, maximizing one social media site to help drive business. There are plenty of other examples out there, different company, maximizing different social media sites to help their business. Our suggestions is, despite wasting too much time on social media strategies, start with understanding your social media, find out the products and features available to help your business.