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Marketing a Restaurant Grand Opening

Kevin IrwanKevin Irwan
Marketing a Restaurant Grand Opening - Main Photo
Marketing a Restaurant Grand Opening
Anyone know that first impression is everything right? Well this rule also applies in the restaurant business, having that epic grand opening is so vital to the future of the restaurant. Keep in mind that grand opening of a restaurant will set the tone of your restaurant in the future. Sure, having a successful goes way beyond having a strong one night opening day, but having a strong start can and will build into a great future. One of the key to have a successful restaurant grand opening is to have an awesome marketing strategy. Plan it right, do it right!

To do this right, restaurateurs needs to plan things to the smallest details, from choosing the date of the event, until having the perfect entertainment for the night. To make things a little easier, we've break it down to three aspects in planning a successful restaurant grand opening. Before the event, Publicity, and Doing the Event.

First up, Before the Event. The absolute first thing you need to do is choose the date and plan events, choose the date wisely, is it a public holiday? Are there any other events at that day, weekends or weekdays, and so on. Follow it with a few more steps. Start with a “quiet” opening, or a soft opening, this can create an early buzz for the restaurant, and also becoming some kind of a test run for the staff and everyone on board. After that, restaurateurs really need to consider in joining some local organizations, business owners who is involved in local community is always a plus point. Than of course, inform the public. Having everyone knows about the grand opening is important, but targeting your market is even more vital. Find out the market demographic, than invite those who are potential regular customers. Make them feel special from day one. This would create an early engagement with potential customers, that is most definitely priceless.

The second stage is Grand Opening Publicity. Restaurateurs should consider hiring professionals assistance since this stage requires a lot of time and different little things to do. Making and distributing quality media kit, contact publication possibilities from different medias, hire photographers, inviting reviewers, is just a bunch of little things that is needed to have publicity for a restaurant grand opening. Little things that requires a lot of time, but is vital in having a successful event. That is why restaurateurs should consider in hiring professionals such as a public relation firms or consultants to help out on this stage.

The third stage is actually doing the event itself. Finding the perfect entertainment, from music, creating the perfect ambiance, making sure the service is top of the notch, and of course making sure the food and drinks is up to par, which is the backbone of every restaurant. Honestly, if a restaurant failed in making their best dishes possible on the grand opening night, they are bound for failure. Remember, first impression is everything right?

Many restaurants out there doesn't seem to care so much about grand opening. Hang out a banner, inviting the neighborhood and a few friends, thinking that it would be enough. Well, it's not, plan and market your restaurant grand opening to a higher level! Create that buzz and make a stunning first impression!