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Let's Eat And Share CHARITY At These Restaurants In BALI!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
Let's Eat And Share CHARITY At These Restaurants In BALI! - Main Photo
Let's Eat And Share CHARITY At These Restaurants In BALI!
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Whether practicing sustainable development, sponsoring orphans, or staging charity fun runs and turtle releases, many resorts and restaurants offer great food and atmosphere, complemented by a policy of ‘giving back,’ to benefit others. Desa Seni, an enchanting eco village in Canggu, is at the forefront, and acts as a model of environmental and social responsibility, with an inspiring annual Yoga-Music-Dance-a-Thon that has raised over $45,000 for the AIDS awareness program, Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS (this year’s event will take place on March 16.) “If we all give back, educate, inspire and nurture, the world will be a better place,” says founder Tom Talucci. The restaurant serves up delicious food, much of which is plucked straight from the thriving organic gardens, and can also be enjoyed in a romantic pool side pavilion. Desa Seni also offers free yoga and English classes to its staffs, as well as providing valued support to a number of Yayasans, including Sacred Childhoods – an organisation which protects children and combats organised crime, such as child trafficking and prostitution.

In Kuta, Hard Rock Bali is most commonly associated with music and burgers, yet its roots lie deep in philanthropy – “Its part of our DNA,” says Hamish Dodds, Hard Rock Intl. President and CEO. Last October, Bali set the scene for the launch of their 6th annual, global “Imagine there’s no hunger” campaign, with a charity concert by Jakartan rock band, Kotak, which generated over US$10,000 for Sole Men Indonesia – a non profit organisation that focuses on helping cases of individual suffering in Bali. Working closely with Sole Men, the program includes delivering food parcels to 100 needy people living in the poorest areas of Denpasar three times a week.

In Ubud, Sari Organik leads the way with organic farming, and plays an active role in the growth of Bali’s green ovement. Founder Balinese-born Nilawati asks, “We got it right the first time, so why not put the old ways into practice again?” She also offers free cooking classes for Balinese housewives, and runs the enchanting Bodag Mailah restaurant – set amidst scenic ride paddy’s adjacent to the farm. Her newest venture, a restaurant in Kintamani, called Pulu Mujung has been created to generate local employment and training opportunities. Meanwhile, longstanding Bali Buda provides tasty wholefoods in its three cafes/shops while also supporting a number of projects, ranging from organic farming, to Eco Bali, to Rumah Sehat Madani, which provides maternal and general health care to the disadvantaged.

The prestigious annual Tri Hita Karana awards recognise those hotels and resorts that have a positive effect on the communities, while special events see businesses banding together for social/ environmental causes. Coral Triangle Day staged in June saw many hotels and restaurants coordinating beach clean ups, special culinary events, exhibitions and talks. The Bali Hotel Association also deserved a mention, with its ongoing ‘One Hotel One Orphanage’ program, with over 70% of its members signed up to supply linen, beds, clothes, education facilities and training opportunities to their designated orphanage. Love may not be all you need, but it’s a great place to start.

For further information, please visit:
Desa Seni, Canggu: http://www.desaseni.com/
Hard Rock Hotel: http://www.hardrockhotels.net/
Sari Organik: http://www.sari-organik.com/
Bali Buda: http://www.balibuda.com/
Bali Hotel Association: