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9 Restaurants To Try At NGURAH RAI Airport BALI!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
9 Restaurants To Try At NGURAH RAI Airport BALI! - Main Photo
9 Restaurants To Try At NGURAH RAI Airport BALI!
Getting pissed at the unbearably hot weather at Ngurah Rai Airport Bali while waiting for your car to arrive? Qraved is here to assist you, so it's not necessary for you to be anxious. Flip through the restaurant list that you must try at the airport below and you're good to go.
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Start off your journey in Bali by having a plate of local comfort food for lunch. This place serves an extensive selection of Balinese traditional dishes made out of local ingredients.
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Everyone in Jakarta knows this place serves one of the most legendary meatballs ever. And now it's open in Bali. Why don't you take some time slurping down its super tasty meatball soup before heading out to the beach right away? And oh, their Tongseng Kambing is also something!
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Combat the heat wave with this super good Melacca toast! Other than kaya spread, you can also have it with NUTELLA. Well, doesn't everything taste good with Nutella?
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Balinese cuisine at its best. Every bite represents the assorted cultures you can find in Bali. Yup, what I'm saying is that the rich flavors are as amazing as the diverse cultures on the island. Just to warn you in advance, it's really HOT!
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Here you can find various kinds of comfort food that will suit everyone's taste buds perfectly. They are offered in such reasonable rates. One of the must-try dishes here is indeed the Nasi Bistik Ayam as seen above. Totally delicious!
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Nasi Bali (Rp. 58.000) here is served with all the good things on Earth, including tempe satay, chicken, seasoned egg, and lots more. Every bite is a party in your mouth.
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If you haven't tried this aromatic coffee bread, you're totally missing out. This is a fluffy coffee bun with a one-of-a-kind butter inside. As the tagline of the brand says, one is never enough! Grab some before heading back to Jakarta.
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Good news is that the legendary Italian coffee shop has finally arrived in Bali! To get you pumped for your unforgettable Bali trip, don't forget to stop by this coffee place at the airport and get your caffeine fix pronto.
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I mean, who wouldn't love a big blob of finger-licking ice cream to combat the crazy heat wave?