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7 Places To Eat During Galungan And Kuningan In BALI!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
7 Places To Eat During Galungan And Kuningan In BALI! - Main Photo
7 Places To Eat During Galungan And Kuningan In BALI!
Say hello to the month of February--our favorite month of the year that has always been packed with all the important goodness in life. We don't only celebrate love throughout this month, we also ought to honor our Almighty Creator, Ide Sang Hyang Widi. Since most stores and restaurants are closed during this holy week, below is the list you can refer to for dining inspirations throughout the week, so don't get confused about where or what to eat!
Photo Source:  @ryani_icuk
Why don't you begin your holiday week with a colorful, healthy pitaya bowl? This one will re-energize your body and soul in the most delicious way. Served with fresh fruits and vibrant colors, once you try this superb bowl, there is no turning back.
Photo Source:  @littleflinders
Holidays are for fantastic brunch sessions! Your brunch meal would never be complete without a taste of this sweet french toast, served with citrus tea jelly, strawberry flambe, and vanilla ice cream. The smell is so good that it will linger in your mind! Remember not to skip this one, I promise you'll be surprised.
Photo Source:  mehthesheep
Sweep your worries away at Swept Away in Ubud. This romantic restaurant will totally bring your dining experience to the next level. Approaching Valentine's Day, which coincides with Galungan holiday week, this is one of the best options out there to give your loved one a little surprise.
Photo Source:  belgiantastebuds
If you're looking for an extensive variety of scrumptious international food, look no further than this venue. The place adopts an open-space concept that features a warm, homey interior. Don't miss their pumpkin soup that's served with garam masala and coconut cream. Super legendary.
Photo Source:  thecolonyhotelbali
Open-kitchen experiences are the best. Who agrees? If you do, remember to drop by this heavenly restaurant located at the heart of Seminyak. They serve various kinds of fresh seafood dishes that will melt in your mouth right away. It will be a seafood feast you'll never forget.
Photo Source:  baligo
Everything about this place is seriously love at first bite. Its charming venue, its live music happening from Wednesday to Saturday every week, and its farm-to-table Italian menu will spoil your eyes, ears, and tongue in the most unforgettable way there is.
Photo Source:  eatandtreats
Photo Source:  eatandtreats
This one is an all-time favorite! Other than its vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, its Moongria Mocktail (Rp. 60.000) is also something worth remembering. Flavored ice cubes served with a refreshing mixture of white wine, iced fruits, and Brandy soda... This one has left me speechless. In a positive way of course.