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7 HALAL Restaurants In BALI That Will Make You Drool!

7 HALAL Restaurants In BALI That Will Make You Drool!
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7 HALAL Restaurants In BALI That Will Make You Drool!

nasi campur men weti bali

Sick of just swallowing the fact th

at you can’t ever have a bite of the infamous Balinese suckling pig? Wondering how finger-lickin’ good it tastes like? Worry not. You know Bali is the food capital of Indonesia. You can substitute it with the wonderful, tasty Nasi Ayam with a similar taste! Anyways, to get you more exci

ted, we have compiled ones of the best Halal restaurants in Bali that will serve you a selection of tongue-smacking food. Bon appetit!


1. Nasi Campur Men Weti, Sanur

Our Nasi Campur Men Weti by Myfunfoodiary

Photo source: myfunfoodiary

Please welcome the good ol’ legendary NASI CAMPUR MEN WETI! One plate consists of white rice topped with shredded chicken cooked in yellow turmeric sauce, as known as Betutu chicken, seasoned egg, fried chicken skin, Balinese sate lilit, fried peanuts, veggies, and of course their tasty sambal! One of the servers is the owner herself. In fact, this place is never not crowded. It makes sense why though, one bite and you’re outta this world!

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2. Bale Udang Mang Engking, Legian

Photo source: indonesiarestoguide

Photo source: biillee

This place defines the term lovely. The dining experience is lovely, you get to dine at a gazebo, which is situated on a large pond in the middle. Other than that, the food is also lovely. You get to choose from a variety of Sundanese dishes for your lovely lunch time here! Their Prawns with Spicy Padang Sauce is seriously one A ‘lesehan’ experience during your Bali sweet escape? Sounds like your amazing summer is to be made very soon.

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3. Menega Cafe, Jimbaran

Photo source: thebalibible

Photo source: famouioui

Close your eyes and imagine you’re cruising down the streets of Jimbaran while spoiling your eyes with an unforgettable sunset sight. You suddenly pass by a restaurant that emits a delicious smell. You take a look inside and are wow-ed by the freshness of its seafood selection. I need you to use your imagination in real life, because everything is truly possible. This place offers the best fresh seafood with reasonable prices. Should be on top of your bucket list in Bali.

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4. Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika, Tuban

Photo source: timothydaely

Photo source: foodventurer

What’s not to love about this place? First, it has a SUPERB variety of food you can choose from, and they are the type of food you eat at home! Second, it’s outrageously cheap. And our favorite part, it opens 24 hours. Anyways, you can get your tummies full with only less than Rp. 20.000. One of the best deals you’ll ever find.

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5. Raja’s Balinese Restaurant, Nusa Dua

Photo source: bali-holiday-deals

Once you enter this place, you’ll feel like you’re in one of those Indonesia’s popular fables. Fancy wall carvings and subtle old-fashioned decoration are all over the interior. Imagine yourself enjoying a various selection of scrumptious Balinese chicken and seafood satay while indulging in their jaw-dropping ambience. It will be an experience that you won’t ever forget.

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6. Restoran Sederhana, Kuta

Photo source: electreats

We have every reason to brag about this particular type of cuisine. Yes, there’s nothing like the amazing taste of Padang food. Spicy, tasty, diverse, and satisfying. In Take a break off local Balinese dishes and dive into the mouthwatering selection of Padang food. You’ll have no regrets.

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7. Queen’s Tandoor, Seminyak

Photo source: queenstandoor

queens tandoor , queens of india , best indian restaurant in bali , best indian cuisine in bali , Indian Food in Bali , http://bali.queenstandoor.com

Photo source: queenstandoor

If you’re looking for something exotic with no pork, congratulations, you’ve just found a gem! This place serves a flavorful selection of authentic Indian cuisine. The must-try dishes include this Singapore Mutton, which is tender lamb pieces cooked with masala sauce. Indian dinner taken to the next level.

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