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6 Incredible Foods in Bali That Are Easy on Your Pocketbook

Matthew SultanMatthew Sultan
5 Incredible Food in Bali 1
Although Bali is well-known as one of the most popular tourist destinations, not all restaurants are taxing on your purse. You can still find some AMAZING food which cost just next to nothing. You just gotta try, right? So, if today is the 15th or 16th day of the month and your wallet is close to breaking down, don’t worry! We’ll share you some info on some of the best deals in the city. All the restos listed here should cost less than $4 apiece.   Just a friendly reminder: The cost we list here only applies IF you consume ONE meal portion, not more. So, here we go!
Photo Source:  Pictaram
Who wouldn’t like Balinese Suckling Pig? Mr. Malen’s shop is one of the most eyed suckling pig depots in Bali. The pig is soft, crispy and the juice (or fat) overflows in each and every inch of your bite. It also comes with one of the best accompanying chili-sauce EVER. Strictly speaking, this pig will drive you crazy AND wild. You know what’s even better? It only costs between $3 and $4! Woohoo!     
Photo Source:  Kintamani
If you really want to know how pork fat & skin can beautify your life, but you can’t… (whatever your restriction is), this poultry-based dish can answer that mystery for you! Ms. Mangku’s Chicken Rice in Ubud comes with rice (duh!), shredded chicken & egg marinated in Bali Sauce, coconut-milk soaked veggies and the super tasty Bali Satay. It’s so cheap, so good, although not so healthy; but hey, can’t be picky with a thin wallet right?      
Photo Source:  Instagram
Curries have always been a solution for a sad, hungry stomach. Unfortunately, not every curry comes at a paycheck friendly price. Luckily, we have found one depot which fulfills this criterion. This Malaysian-based curry consists of spices that will tingle your sense of smell, while soothing your mind at the same time! It also comes with a super crispy and oily (in a good way) Roti Canai. They’re also well known for their milk tea; just the right way to end a great (and economical) meal.
Photo Source:  Facebook
Burger has almost always been quite a pricey meal in Bali due to excess demand from locals and tourists. Sometimes, even $2 - $3 only nets you a half cm-thick patty and dull veggies on top (and the buns if that counts). Different story at AlleyCats though, bro! $2 - $3 here gets you a double legitimately juicy patty, dozens of veggies, pickles and fries! (and the crispy bun if it counts). Sounds impossible, but it’s true!
Photo Source:  Pictaram
Definitely regarded as one of the best sunset-viewing spot in Bali. Located on top of the cliff, you can enjoy the scenery of waves hitting cliffs, which gets louder as the sun is slowly fading away. Known for their authentic Indonesian food, you have to try their serving of Rendang. The softness of the beef combined with paste consisting plethora of spices (coconut milk, ginger, lemongrass, and many more) will leave you asking for more.
Photo Source:  TripAdvisor
A fresh, authentic Mexican dish priced only at $2.50? It’s insane! Here, you can taste many tacos in that price. The taco is crispy (and you can make it soft as well) and the guacamole and salsa are always made fresh. You should definitely try their tempeh tacos, which blends together Indonesian and Mexican flavor really well!