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6 Bali's Best Digestifs

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
6 Bali's Best Digestifs - Main Photo
6 Bali's Best Digestifs
Digestifs are broadly defined as a category of drinks that are traditionally served after a meal. But more than that, digestifs bring closure to a meal. Rooted in the French word for digestive, this drink style was originally designed to aid digestion. Whether digestifs actually influence the physiological process of digestion is disputed. It is safe to say, however, that they symbolize the grand finale to an enjoyable dining experience.

There are many different styles of digestif, ranging from sweet and creamy cocktails, to stronger variations using straight spirits. This week, we’ve decided to indulge your sweet tooth. Check out these 6 places that offering the perfect after-dinner drink.
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A strong espresso martini twist with vanilla and honey that will definitely satisfy your post-supper sweet hankering.
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A sweet combination starring the coffee, chocolate and cinnamon flavors that you are craving in a dessert.
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A beautifully creamy cocktail with hints of nut, oak wood, and Balinese spice. For those who want something decadent and delicious, but not too sweet.
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An incredibly creative serve inspired by West Aceh, this coffee flavored martini even comes with cream caramel cookies.
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Add some excitement after your meal when a normal mint julep gets a dark chocolate twist.
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Ever tried a Cosmopolitan? Not like this! The Cosmo flavors you love are transformed by the addition of white chocolate and pandan. A must try!