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6 Awesome Restaurants In BALI You Need To Check Out This Weekend!

6 Awesome Restaurants In BALI You Need To Check Out This Weekend!
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6 Awesome Restaurants In BALI You Need To Check Out This Weekend!

habitual quench and feed

There is a good side and a bad si

de for everything. Indeed, this also applies to the thriving culinary scene that we see on the Island of Paradise–no other than the magnificent Bali. The good side, obviously, is that there’s a lot of variety that we can choose from, not to mention that everything tastes beautiful. The b

ad side is that unfortunately, as much as we would love to, we cannot really try every restaurant on the list in one single weekend. You don’t need to worry, because Qraved is here to help you on that!

We have jotted down ones of the amazing restaurants you need to check out this weeke

nd below. If the restaurant that your friend tells you about is not included in the list, don’t worry, we are creating this ultimate list every Friday! Wait, Friday? More like FRI-YAY!


1. Luna Rooftop Bar, Seminyak

Photo source: therandomnoise

Looking for a vibrant spot with a lively crowd? Look no further than this place. The killer combination of gorgeous rice paddy view and Bali’s like-no-other sunset is totally accessible from this place. Long story short, this place is suitable for every occasion, whether you’re longing for something romantic with your loved one or a fun night with your buddies.

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2. La Favela, Seminyak

Photo source: mabellemode

Photo source: pinterest

A jungle located at the heart of Seminyak? All I can say about this place is that it is beautifully extraordinary. It incorporates the theme of old colonial era and Mexican old-fashioned vibes, giving the atmosphere a sense of mystery as well as antiquity. Once you enter this place, it’s like you’re being transferred to another world. Their lunch special Fly Thai (Rp. 75.000) is my all-time favorite, which features amazing chicken wings!

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3. Mozaic Beach Club, Kerobokan

Photo source: mozaic-beachclub

In Bali, a perfect afternoon should include mouthwatering tapas selection, satisfying fancy lunch, and a vibrant dining scene–with a serene beach view. This place makes the most out of everything that Bali has to offer. You get a lively atmosphere, as well as delicious food selection. And you know how to have a perfect day? Just dip your feet in the pool while indulging yourself in the tropical sunlight and one of their refreshing summer cocktails.

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4. La Finca Bali, Canggu

Photo source: bali-indonesia

Bali is full of everything heavenly. What could be more heavenly than a sophisticated Spanish restaurant decorated with eye-catchy Spanish ornaments and a touch of Mediterranean vibe serving authentic food made out of fresh and healthy ingredients? Seriously, you must visit this lovely open space when you happen to be around Seminyak area. Have their Chorizo Ahumado Al Grill (Rp. 59.000) to make your day perfect.

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5. El Kabron, Pecatu

Photo source: bali-indonesia

Familiar with the place above? Yes, you can say that this place is one of Bali’s best gems. If you’re looking for a spectacular sunset view and an amazing deep and tropical house beats, this is the place you won’t ever forget. The ambience is a blend between Santorini and Mediterranean vibes. You’ll lose track of time when killing time at this place. Their Sangria Rose (Rp. 345.000/jug) is exactly what you need.

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6. Habitual Quench & Feed, Kerobokan

Photo source: burpple

Photo source: eatandtreats

A homey atmosphere and a juicy burger lunch? What a sweet, sweet therapy. This place serves a scrumptious selection of breakfast menu while offering a retro yet relaxed mood. What defines heaven is simply the dish as seen above–steak served on crispy hash brown. What defines speechless is me right after having a taste of it.

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