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5 Spots With The Coolest Swimming Pool in Bali

Matthew SultanMatthew Sultan
5 Spots With The Coolest Swimming Pool in Bali1
Coconuts Bali
In a tropical island like Bali, swimming is a definite necessity. Imagine yourself in a swimming pool, directly gazing at the sea, sand, sun (or moon) while enjoying a cold fresh coconut, or even a mojito while lazily laying on the couch. These are some winning spots chosen by your fellow Qravians:
Photo Source:  Quirrow
Definitely one of the most popular beach clubs in Bali. Fully crowded with local and international tourists, diverse selection of drinks (from the oldies to the newest fancy cocktails) and a wonderful view of ocean and coconut trees. Even Martin Garrix held his DJ Session here once!
Photo Source:  El Kabron
Located right on top of a cliff, El Kabron definitely is one of the favorite spots to view the majestic sunset in Bali. Even better, you can enjoy your view while swimming, or chilling with some cocktails on the couch. You can easily find some great pictures of this venue and their food selection (especially their Paella) on Instagram. Definitely worth a visit!  
Photo Source:  The Bali Bible
If you’re a pro (self-proclaimed) sun-tanner like me, visiting Komune is a MUST when you’re in Bali! Nothing beats a tanning sessions in a pool just next to a beach full of coconut trees. There’s also lounge music, and that scent of sea-salt… I think I’m going there now!
Photo Source:  Ultimatebali
In terms of view, Vue is definitely one of the best in this list. Located on the 8th floor, you can see the clear sky and clouds floating freely. The pool’s blue color (well, maybe turquoise) is simply astonishing. You also get to see the exquisite view of the beach from quite an elevation. Oh, and they serve great burgers as well!
Photo Source:  Instagram
They host a kind of swimming pool that’s rare to come in Indonesia – the infinity pool. From afar, you’ll think that the pool is directly channeled to the sea! What’s even cooler is the fact that they place some stepping stones floating. Great choice if you want to play cat-walk model on a swimming pool.