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5 Fine DESSERT Places In BALI You Must Visit Before You Die!

5 Fine DESSERT Places In BALI You Must Visit Before You Die!
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5 Fine DESSERT Places In BALI You Must Visit Before You Die!

metis seminyak

Romance and sweet treats go hand in hand, don’t

they? Skim through this list presented by Let’s Eat Magazine and Qraved to find out about the places in Bali that will give you an ultimate dessert experience!

1. Bodacious Bounty:

rget="_blank" class="local-link">Sakala
, Tanjung Benoa

Photo source: baliwww

According to

Sakala Executive Chef, Fredric Boulay, “A really amazing dinner must finish perfectly. It must end on a high note… with a beautiful crazy dessert.” His piece de resistance, [The Bounty] is a slice of heaven, a hand-crafted chocolate bar concealing layers of crispy chocolate hazelnut, coconut cream, pure Valrhona chocolate mousse and moist almond cake. A banana chip and brittle tuille served on the side add a satisfying crunch. Spend the day at Sakala by relaxing poolside overlooking the beach of Tanjung Benoa; dine under the starlight in the evenings amidst flaming torches, or head into the lavish ac dining room with its striking floor tiles, exotic lamps and stunning glass bar that gleams like crystal.

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2. Raw Bliss: Alchemy, Ubud

Photo source: freefloaters

Photo source: alisonbone

Raw chocolate is packed full of the compound Anandamide – also known as the love chemical, which induces feelings of bliss, much like falling in love. In Ubud there is no going past the raw food masters of Alchemy, think dense and gooey slabs of [Chewy Chocolate Bars], coconut dusted [Truffles], [Mochaccino Cups] with a rich filling of cold pressed coffee, and [Bounty Bars] filled with fresh shredded coconut. Raw desserts can also deliver the sweet taste that you crave but leave you feeling lean and energised rather than full and loaded with sugar. In Seminyak, try the [Banoffee Ice cream Terrine]at Divine Earth served with salted caramel sauce and the [Chocolate Almond Crunch] with rich satiny chocolate smoothed over a nutty, crunchy base.

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3. Millefuille Magic: Metis, Seminyak

Photo source: baligo

Instagram media by eatvise - Salted Caramel Mille Feuille #Metis #Bali #Eatvise

Photo source: @eatvise

For those who wish to get seriously romantic Metis presents fine dining at its finest. Renowned chef Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville presides over an immaculate menu of French Mediterranean cuisine served amidst ponds brimming with lotus flowers and a backdrop of glistening rice fields. The [Salted Butter Caramel Millefeuille] layers the airiest flaky pastry with salted butter caramel cream, crumbled almond and caramel sauce to sublime effect
. ‘Doudou is also a wizard when it comes to soufflé, we recommend the [Pista Choc]; light as air this towering, delicate chocolate soufflé comes with a pistachio parfait, grapefruit confit and vanilla cream.

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4. Chocolate explosion: Chez Gado Gado, Seminyak

Photo source: jasonlunn

Sometimes known as chocolate fondant, sometimes as lavacake or a chocolate volcano, this island fave is a heavenly treat by any name. The idea is that as you carve into the soft spongy outer layer, a divine chocolate sauce flows out like molten lava. One of the best in Bali can be found at the legendary Chez GadoGado, where it is known a Chocolate Melted Cake. The gushing fountain of milky rich chocolate sauce combines beautifully with sweet mango sorbet and tart passion fruit sauce. Enjoy the romantic starlit ambience on the deck under the champlung trees at this legendary Seminyak venue.

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5. A slice of history: Warung Made, Seminyak

Photo source: pinterest

Photo source: foodspotting

Those who like their dessert served with a love story and a side of history can head down to the original Made’s Warung in Kuta. The island’s first warungopened back in 1969, in those daysKuta was still a humble fishing village, with dirt tracks winding through the rice paddy’s and palm trees. The warung had humble beginnings in a simple hut with wooden benches and was run by Made, her mother and her sister. Still a teenager, one of Made’s special dishes was a [Balinese Black Rice Pudding]served with tropical fruit. While not the most elegant-looking of dishes, the taste was divine, so much so that it captured the heart of her future husband, a Dutch photographer named Peter. She couldn’t speak Dutch, he couldn’t speak Balinese, but love blossomed over this unique dessert which is still on the menu today.

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