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3 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Restaurant's Online Reputation

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
3 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Restaurant's Online Reputation - Main Photo
3 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Restaurant's Online Reputation
When you are looking for a new restaurant to try, I bet you tend to rely on the public's reviews and comments rather than the ones published by professional food critiques. In fact, online reviews have always been more trustworthy for most people, rather than word-of-mouth and advertisements in general, which is why it is crucial for you to improve your reputation in the online world.

Investing in online reputation does not mean you have to post fake reviews on your restaurant. It simply means responding fast to your customers' reviews, as well as having the responsibility to watch out if any competitor of yours publishes fake reviews about your restaurant.

This concept is both a blessing and a curse to your restaurant. It can provide a tool with which you can interact with your customers directly, which is pretty much revolutionary. On the other side, the Internet contains tons of information that you have to watch out for, as some of them provide misleading information. This task can consume a lot of your time.

How to invest in your restaurant's online reputation? Below you can find three simple ways:

1. Ask for Reviews

Ask your customers to write reviews. This can be done simply by placing a sign on each bill or on each of the tables. Don't force them to write good reviews. Let them utter their opinion honestly. This will deliver a comfortable experience to your customers.
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2. Follow Up

This is where you have the opportunity to interact with your customers. Increase engagement with them and thus, you'll get to increase their trust. When you get good reviews, ask them to allow you to publish them on other media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. When you get bad reviews, convince them that you will try your best to improve.
3. Create Incentives

Give small incentives to those who give reviews. Don't differentiate the amount of incentives between the good and the bad ones. This is an opportunity to encourage feedback from your customers. It is important to remember that restaurants that have fresh and new reviews will get to increase their reputation faster.
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