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Sushi Tei - banner 0
27 reviews
Hours 10:00 - 22:00Closed

Menu of Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei - menu 0
Sushi Tei - menu 1
Sushi Tei - menu 2
Sushi Tei - menu 3
Sushi Tei - menu 4

Photos of Sushi Tei

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Sushi Tei 1316702
Plaza Senayan, Lantai 3, Jl. Asia Afrika Show Map >
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun 10:00 - 22:00
Siapa tak mengenal Sushi Tei? Salah satu pioneer Sushi yang dikenal telah membawa trend conveyor belt dalam konsepnya. Menggunakan dekorasi simpel dan elegan di setiap outletnya, Sushi Tei juga menawarkan suasana bersantap santai dengan area sushi bar dimana setiap penikmat kuliner dapat menyaksikan langsung para chef berkreasi membuat sushi. Sejauh ini, Sushi Tei telah memiliki 19 cabang yang tersebar di beberapa kota besar Indonesia. Terbagi menjadi beberapa menu andalan, Sushi Tei menyediakan pilihan Ala Carte, Sushi Roll, dan Sashimi. Tertarik untuk mengetahui menu apa saja yang menjadi pilihan All Time Favorite? Salmon Mentai Sushi dengan beras Jepang berkualitas yang dibalut dengan kelembutan irisan salmon. Atau Tuna Salad Crispy Mentai, nikmati gurihnya tuna yang dilumuri mayonnaise sauce. Bagi penikmat daging segar ala Sashimi, maka Yufu bisa dijadikan pilihan, dengan Salmon, Mekajiki, Tuna, and Octopus.
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Reviews of Sushi Tei

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Sushi Tei - Della Medina
Della Medina
920 photos726 reviewsMar 22, 2018
5 Restoran yang Kasih Traktiran Buat Kamu yang Lagi Ulang Tahun
Restoran satu ini udah jadi surganya sushi lovers nih. Rasa sushinya enak-enak dan sangat fresh. Untuk kamu yang sedang berulang tahun, Sushi Tei bakalan kasih kejutan yaitu Sushi Birthday Cake yang super besar. Tenang aja nggak usah takut kehabisan, karena promo ulang tahun ini berlaku sebelum dan sesudah ulang tahun kamu. Nggak ribet lagi, kamu cukup menunjukkan KTP aja. Asik banget ya!
 Sushi Tei Della Medina 632422
Sushi Tei - indah mulyani
indah mulyani
2 photos29 reviewsJun 15, 2017
Selain aneka sushi di sushi bar, cobain juga salmon oyako roll yang rasanya sensasional.
Sushi Tei - @dini_andetyorini
in InstagramOct 11, 2014
#delicious n #beautiful at the same time. #sushi by #sushitei
#delicious n #beautiful at the same time. #sushi by #sushitei
Sushi Tei - Citta Swissanto
Citta Swissanto
9 photos6 reviewsJun 15, 2016
The 'Safest' Sushi Place
Why 'safest'? Well, Sushi Tei is like the most common sushi place in Jakarta. Craving for sushi but not sure where to go? Sushi Tei it is. Sushi Tei serves authentic sushi and it actually pretty good and value for money. Like a lot of other sushi places, the sushi served in different kinds of plate color to indicate the price. They have various kinds of sushi, and it's always served fresh. As usual, we ordered their Kani Salad (fresh garden salad served with crab meat on top) with Sushi Tei dressing. Fresh and refreshing as always! Then I also added Chawan Mushi to my appetizer list. Unlike usual, the Chawan Mushi tasted funny and smelt a little fishy it left a weird after-taste in my mouth, I decided not to finish it. Moving on to the main course, I ordered Grilled Chicken Ramen. After several visit, I knew their noodle soup is pretty much so-so, but I've been craving for hot soup all day so I ordered it anyway. It surprisingly tasted great tonight! The seasoning is perfect unlike my previous order where it usually tasted a bit tasteless. The Karage Curry was great too, but the pickles should be sweeter for curry. After the main course, I ordered Inari Sushi and Chuka Idako Gunkan. I was surprised that they cut down the portion waaay less than usual yet the price is still the same. So after getting my tummy full, we ordered their new Peach Shorbet for dessert since our usual dessert which is Chocolate Waffer (more like ice cream sandwich with chocolate plate in the middle of the ice cream) was out of stock. The peach shorbet wasn't like what I expected. It was too sweet and fragrant where I thought it should be at least a little sour. But anyhow, the shorbet was very very soft it melted perfectly in my mouth. So long story short, as for Sushi Tei, the food is great (although I get bad Chawan Mushi tonight, never happened before), the place is great, the price is worth the food and service, overall it's all good.
Sushi Tei photo Plaza Senayan  278487
Sushi Tei photo Plaza Senayan  276716
Sushi Tei photo Plaza Senayan  272139
Sushi Tei photo Plaza Senayan  221940

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5 Restoran yang Kasih Traktiran Buat Kamu yang Lagi Ulang Tahun

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