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STC Senayan, Lantai Ground, Jl. Asia Afrika Show Map >
021 57931826
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun 11:30 - 14:30 , 18:00 - 22:00
Berada di kawasan Senayan dan menjadi salah satu restoran Jepang yang dikenal dengan menu charcoal grill, Sumiya bagaikan sebuah harta karun tersembunyi di kalangan ekspat Jakarta. Nuansa otentik Jepang dengan sekat kayu di dalam ruangan kaca serta area open kitchen dimana setiap pengunjung dapat menyaksikan aksi para Chef menciptakan berbagai hidangan mulai dari Bento, Yakitori, dan tentu saja Grilled. Donburi Combo ditawarkan dalam pilihan menu lunch, dan isi yang didapatkan pun terbilang lengkap. Sup atau Salad dihidangkan dengan satu menu Donburi yang bisa dipilih dari Oyako Don, Karaage Don, Chicken Teriyaki Don, hingga Gyusuki Don. Tunggu sampai Anda menikmati pilihan menu dari Kushiyaki, daging yang ditusukkan ke tusukan kayu. Aroma harum yang dihasilkan dari panggangan setiap daging terasa cukup menggiurkan, Kushiyaki dapat dipilih antara sayuran dan daging ayam, bebek, sapi, hingga pork. Butabara adalah salah satu jenis yang paling diminati karena kelembutan dagingnya.
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Reviews of Sumiya Japanese Restaurant

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Renaldi Natawidjaja
23 photos11 reviewsFeb 21, 2018
So good I almost cried
Sumiya serves honest and authentic Japanese food that will please any lover of this genre. I came with my wife to order their special lunch set. We decided on the Kara-kara Nabe set and Gyu Momoniku Roast set, both are accompanied with a round of appetizers, side dish to complete the mains, followed by desserts. Overall, every dish served was well presented and taste delicious. The main dishes were exceptional, with the Gyu Momoniku almost bringing me to tears. Maybe because you can taste that every ingredient was handled with the care and attention level that every good Japanese dish deserve.
in InstagramFeb 10, 2018
yummy yippie
361 photos101 reviewsDec 12, 2017
Ke resto yg banyak banget ekspat dari Jepang nya. Uda restorannya gede dan luas gitu dan cozy gt. Didominasi dengan kayu kayu dan temaram gt lampunya. Kita cobain Niku Nabeyaki Dish ini ada yang berbeda dari udon2 lainnya. Biasanya mie udon d resto itu besar tapi disini ada pilihan yang kecil. Untuk rasa sih sama aja tapi udon disini tuh kenyal banget. Terus rasa kuah nya gurih tapi ga ampe yg overpower. Yang buat kesel saking enaknya kuah nya kalo mau tambah harus bayar šŸ˜‘ satu menu bisa untuk 2 orang Wakadori Age Ini karaage gt yg buat enak tuh ini kering banget ga ada minyak nya. Jadi ga greasy gt. Didalemnya ms tender banget. Follow my ig @yummyippie
Arvid Yap
2 photos15 reviewsJan 10, 2017
I love coming to this place! The food is always excellent! I even had my first date in this restaurant. But this evening the food was very disappointing... they had this deep fried sea eel with bean paste sauce, which only had two tiny slivers of unagi (eel) in it. You could barely taste it. The dish consisted mostly of vegetables and bean paste and hardly any eel. Also the sweet omelette was not as sweet as before. So the food was not consistent and quite disappointing this evening. This will definitely impact my decision to go here again. But nevertheless I'll give it a four star because I've had at least two good experiences in this restaurant t prior to this evening. Hopefully they can improve their standards.
in InstagramJan 4, 2018
Adrian Li
488 photos115 reviewsFeb 6, 2015
Great little gem of a restaurant that's highly frequented by the local Japanese crowd. Have a very affordable set lunch with a starter and two main dishes as well as soup, salad, rice for idr130k. Have to try their grill also which it is well known for.
in InstagramDec 29, 2017
Makan yuuuukkk #tabemashio
Yulian Suwandri
24 photos19 reviewsJul 29, 2013
'Sumiya' literally means 'Charcoal House' and that is in line with what they are; a barbeque grill Japanese restaurant. Upon reaching the place, you'll sense an 'izakaya' vibe, decor with the combination of dark colored solid wood and red velvet cushions and sitting sofa. There were still a good buzz of people, mainly Japanese ex-pats office workers when I was there pretty late at night around 10 pm on a Friday night. Well I got to be honest, I didn't pay much attention to the STC 'Senayan Trade Centre' building just next to Plaza Senayan. Thus, after knowing such eatery like 'Sumiya' resides there was a surprised. But then again, their main target guest are the Japanese and words do travel among the ex-pats community. To find such hidden gem in the Senayan area was a blessing indeed! The food was lovely and my favorite would be the 'Kara Kara Nabe' soup. This is the closest super good tasting soup to the one I had over at 'Gyu Kaku'. This is definitely not 'Korean nor Kimchi Soup' but I can do taste the resemblance. Very good balance of spices and herbs, packed full of ingredients too. Multiple meatballs, tofu with a generous amount of vegetables, sums up to a fulfilling bowl of soup. A dish that be shared among 2 to 3 people. Again, you need to order this when you're here. Won't regret it !! While next, the Shake Meishi dish I ordered is a salmon and scallop rice placed in a hotpot. A very very yummy dish, the fact it sits on the sizzling hotpot gave the rice a slight burnt base which translate to YUMMY !!! That crunchy salty bit gave a different texture and adds a new dimension upon chewing the rice. It's difficult to explain and I guess you need to order one and see if we connects hahaha. As for the seasoning ... spot on !!! I'm a fan of the place and became such a regular over there. But as for peak time over there can be a hassle so make sure you book your seat prior. Visit and peak into my food blog !
in InstagramDec 24, 2017
Tempura udon..look plain.. wait until u taste the broth #tempura #udon #broth #kaldu #japanesefood #foodporn #food #jakarta #indonesia #iphonesia

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