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Pancious is here to serve you the best pancake experience ever. Because everyone deserve at least one chance to taste a decent pancake in their whole life. Pancious understand that need and gives you that. So next time you're at the mall and feel the sudden crave for sugar, spice and all things nice, rush to the nearest Pancious.  
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Teddy Selig Jordanius
510 photos238 reviewsJul 1, 2017
Restoran di sini cukup luas dan nyaman dan khusus untuk event ini, restoran didekorasi seperti tea party yang cantik dan menarik. Menu-menu baru yg kt cobain di sini: * Clams Pasta (Rp 73.5k), * Quatro Formaggi Pasta (Rp 82.5k), * Chicken Balls Soup (Rp 45k), * Chicken Cheese Crunch (Rp 40.5k), * Blue Cheese Chicken Salad (Rp 63k), * Earl Grey Milk Tea Pancake (Rp 62k), * Salted Caramel Shake (Rp 46.5k). Menu baru-nya mnrtku lbh mengutamakan cheese untuk main course-nya dan rasa earl grey utk dessert. Beberapa menu baru yg mnrtku boleh dicoba: * Blue Cheese Chicken Salad Colorful vegetables of carrots, mixed greens topped with deep fried chicken popcorn and blue cheese sauce. Sayuran yang dipakai fresh dengan rasa sauce-nya cheesy banget. Sedikit sauce sudah cukup buat memberi rasa pada salad. * Quatro Formaggi Pasta Four cheese Penne (or can be changed to others pasta by request) that gradually cooked to get that stringly delicious cheese effect that melts in your mouth. It's a very very savory and cheesy pasta. * Salted Caramel Shake Delicious shake made from chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, delicious silky caramel, mixed into one glass of shake with salt decorated glass. Rasanya milky dengan manis yang pas dan sensasi rasa asin yang cukup berasa. A unique and must try item. Overall its always interesting to try new and exciting menu from Pancious.
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in InstagramDec 13, 2016
#Christmasatpancious isn't complete without πŸ‘†πŸ»Ricotta and Raspberry with Chocolate Pancake ! #snapfoodie
Titania Prastita
0 photos2 reviewsDec 22, 2016
Suka sama pastanya, rasanya enak pas banget di lidah
in InstagramDec 7, 2016
#Christmasatpancious ga lengkap rasanya kalo ga pesen yang unik dan enak satu ini πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ˜‹πŸ™πŸ€ // Squid Ink Risotto With Prawn // it's Italian arborio rice cooked with squid ink, gindara, and beautifully cooked prawn ! #snapfoodie Handsinframe @iamyoel_ . Snap and Share your jolly moment with @panciouspancious by tagging us and using #christmasatpancious #snapfoodie
Teddy Selig Jordanius
510 photos238 reviewsNov 1, 2016
Lovely Crepes but Awfull Pasta
Back and here again after almost 10 months after my last visit. Dining area-nya cukup luas, dengan bagian dalamnya langsung view ke arah samping mall Pacific Place. Dekorasi-nya minimalis dengan dominan ornamen kayu. Menu yang gw order kali ini Black Pepper Meatball Spaghetti dan Green Tea Crepes Cake. Pasta-nya al dente. Nice texture, firm and little bit chewy. Sayangnya very over seasoning. Rasa yang ada cuma sangat sangat asin. Meatball-nya gw suka, teksturnya masih berasa tekstur beef dan juga juicy. Seasoningnya pas balance manis dan gurih. Untuk sausage-nya lagi-lagi very salty. Klo untuk crepes-nya gw suka. Teksturnya soft and bit creamy. Taste sauce-nya agak kurang matcha buat gw, tp sweetness level-nya udah pas. Apalagi klo dinikmati bersamaan dengan chocolate ice cream. Very nice. Overall I love its crepes but not the pasta. (251016)
in InstagramOct 29, 2016
Eh tadi ini rasanya kek apa deh? Manis? Asem? Asin? Gurih? Pedes? Pait? Sakit??? β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ Ya namanya juga hidup yaaa.... manis diawal, pait kemudian ~
Anindya Miralaksmi
17 photos26 reviewsMay 18, 2016
Gapernah kecewa si sm Pancious. Baik untuk segala occasion. Apalagi kalo kumpul sm temen lama yg udh lama ga ketemu. Pastanya oke banget, love the Black Pepper Meat Balls. especially the pancake. ya specialitynya siiii πŸ˜„
in InstagramOct 26, 2016
Define insanity in a sweet way?
Twenty Twenty
6 photos3 reviewsJul 27, 2015
in InstagramSep 12, 2016

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