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Kokocici Traveller
Kokocici Traveller uploaded 7 photos for Jamba Juice 77 Photos 7 hours ago
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Kevin Saputra
Kevin Saputra wrote a review for Tatonga House of Coffee 22 Photos - 94 Reviews 16 hours ago
the best lah pokoknya, baristanya bisa sesuaiin selera customer, tempat strategis, nyaman (walau agak terlalu dingin jadi kopinya juga cepet dingin haha), sepi, parkir luas, pilihan musiknya top, wifi super cepat... harga juga reasonable, kopi luwak disini murah! lama2 jadi rutinitas kemari di waktu luang.. maju terus tatonga!
 Tatonga House of Coffee Kevin Saputra 632561
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Valerie Lie
Valerie Lie wrote a review for Angry Foods Street 2 Photos - 1 Review 20 hours ago
good food....luv it so muchh..
sy sukaaaaaaa bgt cheese regular piza nya....blm lagi chicken wing nya paling doyan egg salted nyaa..calzone nya..yummmmmyyyyyy...tempat nongki mantap..hrg ok..tmpt nongki kyk mall..bnr2 luv it..
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Tamara  Emilia
Tamara Emilia wrote a review for Wingstop 2 Photos - 2 Reviews Yesterday
New Branch of Wingstop
Hai Foodies seneng banget karena sekarang Wingstop open their new branch di FX Sudirman. Masih ada promo loh disc 20% sampai tanggal 23 Maret 2018.
 Wingstop Tamara  Emilia 632558
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Jessica Wang
Jessica Wang wrote a review for Echigoya Ramen 3 Photos - 3 Reviews Yesterday
Quite good
Ramen sma gyoza ok, cm tertarik coba mabo tofunya.. quite nice cm trnyta ga spaket sma nasi n mnrut aku nasiny overpriced -_-“
 Echigoya Ramen Jessica Wang 632548
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Caroline Susilo
Caroline Susilo wrote a review for Mister Sunday 4 Photos - 2 Reviews Yesterday
nice fluffy pancake with ricotta n bacon n maple syrup, the pork bacon was so tough at fisrt that it was unbitable but they replace it with a new one which was good. options: they hv cow bacon and pork bacon.
ricotta cheese pancake with egg, bacon and msple syrup Mister Sunday Caroline Susilo 632535
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