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Bali: Vegan Friendly

If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan you’ve probably had this problem before: You’re absolutely starving, you duck into a café, pick up the menu, and surprise! (Or maybe you’re used to this) – You can only choose between a chunk of iceberg lettuce, bottled water and nothing. Needless to say this is very frustrating, and it’s worse when you’re on holiday and aren’t familiar with your surroundings. For your next trip to Bali though, fret not. We’ve hunted down 8 awesome restaurants for you.

Restaurants Selection

1. Bali Buda
1. Bali Budabali
4.0203 Reviews
2. The Elephant
2. The Elephantbali
4.010 Reviews
3. Sari Organik
3. Sari Organikbali
4.1100 Reviews
4. Nine Heaven Vegan
4. Nine Heaven Veganbali
4.01 Reviews
5. Soma
5. Somabali
4.01 Reviews
6. Dayu's Warung
6. Dayu's Warungbali
0.00 Reviews
7. Alchemy
7. Alchemybali
4.1146 Reviews
8. Clear Cafe
8. Clear Cafebali
4.1155 Reviews
9. Down To Earth
9. Down To Earthbali
4.01 Reviews