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in InstagramJan 12, 2018
in InstagramJan 10, 2018
Luwak coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. Kopi luwak is produced from beans pooped by civet animal. By eating the beans, special civet enizmes are added to coffee beans. The animals can't digest the beans so they poop out the beans which are collected for later production. Coffee tastes pretty good and it is worth of tasting. #luwak #coffee #bali #pulina #plantation #indonesia #most #expensive #coffee #in #the #world
in InstagramJan 6, 2018
Fotos e vídeos de todos os passos da nossa visita a Bali Paulina Coffee Plantations, uma das responsáveis pela produção do Kopi Luwak ou Café Civeta - o café produzido com grãos de café extraídos das fezes da civeta (animal), e é principalmente produzido nas ilhas de Sumatra, Java, Bali e Sulawesi, nos arquipélagos aqui da Indonésia. A civeta seleciona os grãos antes de ingeri-los, mas apenas a polpa é digerida, e a semente passa intacta pelo sistema digestivo do animal. Durante a digestão, as bactérias e enzimas únicas do animal tornam-se os responsáveis pela diferença de qualidade do café industrializado. Em seguida, há o processo de coleta de grãos da fezes do animal. A produção limitada (menos de 230 quilos por ano). Por isso, o motivo de sua raridade e claro seu alto preço (cerca de mil dólares o quilo do grão), sendo considerado o mais caro café do mundo #cafe #coffe #coffetime #horadocafe #balipaulina #balipaulinacoffeeplantation #kopiluwak #kopi #luwak #java #sulawesi #sumatra #luxo #raridade #plantacaodecafe #civeta #baliindonesia #bali #indonesia #dicasdeviagem #instafood #instagood #foodblog #foodblogger #comendopelomundo #ficaadica #globetravel #globetrotter
in InstagramJan 2, 2018
Afternoon tea with famous Bali Coffee Luwak and banana friters
in InstagramJan 7, 2018
Try the best bali coffee with fried banana
in InstagramDec 31, 2017
How to make #luwakcoffee 1) feed beans to an already over caffeinated civet 2) wait for said civet to shit them out 3) clean the shit off the beans (hopefully?) 4) have some goofy white lady roast the beans @cbentley21 5) grind 6) add water Not bad for shit coffee 💩☕️
in InstagramDec 26, 2017
Luwak coffe ☕️🇲🇨🌚 . . . 🇬🇧- Luwak is a nocturnal animal that eats coffee beans and partially extrudes them before expelling them. This animal that only lives in Indonesia "produces" the most expensive coffee in the world. About 17 dollars a cup. . . 🇪🇸- Luwak es un animal nocturno que come granos de cafe y antes de expulsarlos los digiere parcialmente. Este animal que solo vive en Indonesia “produce” el café más caro del mundo. Unos 15 euros la taza.
in InstagramDec 23, 2017
in InstagramDec 19, 2017
I’ve always heard about the most expensive coffee in the world in Indonesia that is half digested by Luwak (the animal). Luwak digests the fruit and expels the beans, which are collected, washed, roasted and then brewed like a normal coffee. Although I always try everything at least once, I was so hesitant to try this coffee at the beginning but after seeing the process and being ensured of how the beans get cleaned throughly, I gave it a go. I actually admit it’s absolutely worth the try. Swipe to see more photos from the process. #coffee #coffeelover #luwak #luwakcoffee #foodblogger #blogger #travel #travelblogger #traveller #afoodiegirltravels #afoodiegirl #paulinacoffeeplantation

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