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Pastis Kitchen & Bar

4 Reviews
Setiabudi100rb - 200rb
Permanently Closed

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4 ratings
Dea Nofika
1212 photos
45 reviews
Pastis menjadi salah satu restaurant di jakarta yang menyajikan menu menu yang sangat lezat dan nikmat, anda bisa ajak teman dan saudara anda untuk menikmati sajian menu dan suasana dari pastis
Adrian Li
488 photos
115 reviews
Pastis Kitchen & Bar offers quick, value dining in a casual setting. An assortment of Italian foods with the usual smatterings of Asian cuisines mixed in. Great for a quick eat Pastis Kitchen & Bar is a restaurant near by to me, which I have passed many times. It’s located in a serviced apartment/ hotel Kuningan Suites so probably gets a fair amount of business traveller traffic. The restaurant has an “art deco” type ambiance with the black and white tiling. It actually has a connected wine shop just outside, which seems quite affordable. It was not clear that Pastis is an Italian restaurant from the name or the décor but the menu is predominantly Italian cuisine. I went for my usual favourite in Italian restaurants – the bolognaise – but here it was tagliatelle with lamb ragout. I was reasonably impressed the freshly made pasta had an al dente consistency and the lamb ragout was meaty (although a touch salty). I would come back again for quick, value meal to try some of the other dishes as well!
Jessica Aminoto
340 photos
76 reviews
Really Italian food
Rasanya light dan enak banget! Perfect seasoning and cooked beautifully! Tempatnya pun cozy banget, pas banget untuk nyantai dan have a time buat manjain diri dengan makanan enak!
Melisa Halim
0 photos
87 reviews
Suitable for Seldom Casual Visit
It was kind of disappointing to go there. I've read many good reviews about this place and been curious to visit the place for a while, but it wasn't satisfying when I came there. The place wasn't as good as the pictures showed and the food wasn't really good. It's suitable for seldom casual visit.

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