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Korean BBQ

Known as "gogigui" in its original language, Korean BBQ has gained a good reputation amongst the fans of Korean cuisine in general and the fans of good meat. Compiled from the areas all over Jakarta, this list provides you with the best Korean barbecue restaurants in Jakarta for you to try. Just remember, Korean BBQ is best to enjoy with good friends and family. Because just like any other types of barbecue, Korean barbecue will bring you closer with the others.

Restaurants Selection

1. Han Gangjakarta
12 Reviews
2. Gahyojakarta
22 Reviews
3. Gojumongjakarta
13 Reviews
4. Gang Gang Sullaijakarta
22 Reviews
5. Seorak Chuoetang (Bumbu Satu)jakarta
56 Reviews
6. Mapogalmaegi Magal BBQjakarta
46 Reviews
7. Tobakjakarta
41 Reviews
8. Ssikkek Korean BBQjakarta
37 Reviews
9. Born Gajakarta
15 Reviews
10. Chung Gi Wajakarta
20 Reviews
11. Seoraejakarta
31 Reviews
12. Myeong Ga Myeon Okjakarta
8 Reviews
13. Samwon Housejakarta
64 Reviews
14. Bibigojakarta
34 Reviews
15. Kimchi Grandmajakarta
16 Reviews
16. The Grilljakarta
48 Reviews
17. Mr. Parkjakarta
48 Reviews