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Indonesian Restaurants

Even though the appearance of different cuisines from all over world has taken Jakarta by storm, Indonesian cuisine still has its special place in our heart. Therefore, it's not difficult to find a lot of good Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta.

Indonesian restaurants are still in the game of Jakarta's culinary scene, with a lot of interesting twists while still keeping the original recipes loved by Indonesians. Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta are basically everywhere, but this list exists to keep you updated on the latest and the hippest Indonesian restaurants because we all love Indonesia.

Restaurants Selection

1. Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang
1. Nasi Uduk Kebon KacangJakarta
2. Nasi Kuning Cakalang Oma
2. Nasi Kuning Cakalang OmaJakarta
3. Warm Mee
3. Warm MeeJakarta
4. Warunk Upnormal
4. Warunk UpnormalJakarta
5. Rajia Ropang & Indomie
5. Rajia Ropang & IndomieJakarta
6. Abang Adek
6. Abang AdekJakarta
7. Nasi Campur Kenanga
7. Nasi Campur KenangaJakarta
8. Nasi Goreng Mafia
8. Nasi Goreng MafiaJakarta
9. Nasi Goreng Sabang Bang Roby
9. Nasi Goreng Sabang Bang RobyJakarta
10. Bakmie Aloye
10. Bakmie AloyeJakarta
11. Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum
11. Nasi Uduk Ibu JumJakarta
12. Nasi Goreng Kebuli Apjay
12. Nasi Goreng Kebuli ApjayJakarta
13. Mix Diner & Florist
13. Mix Diner & FloristJakarta
14. Nasi Goreng Gila Gondrong
14. Nasi Goreng Gila GondrongJakarta
15. Bebek Kaleyo
15. Bebek KaleyoJakarta
16. Kedai Soto Ibu Rahayu
16. Kedai Soto Ibu RahayuJakarta
17. Talaga Sampireun
17. Talaga SampireunJakarta
18. Kila Kila by Akasya
18. Kila Kila by AkasyaJakarta
19. Pagi Sore
19. Pagi SoreJakarta
20. Sop Buntut Bogor
20. Sop Buntut BogorJakarta
21. Kembang Goela
21. Kembang GoelaJakarta
22. Bebek Kaleyo
22. Bebek KaleyoJakarta
23. Lot 9
23. Lot 9Jakarta
24. Remboelan
24. RemboelanJakarta
25. Sop Konro Karebosi
25. Sop Konro KarebosiJakarta
26. Bebek Malio
26. Bebek MalioJakarta
27. Gubug Makan Mang Engking
27. Gubug Makan Mang EngkingJakarta
28. Nasi Bebek Ginyo
28. Nasi Bebek GinyoJakarta
29. Plataran Dharmawangsa
29. Plataran DharmawangsaJakarta
30. Bebek Tepi Sawah
30. Bebek Tepi SawahJakarta
31. Mamink Daeng Tata
31. Mamink Daeng TataJakarta
32. Bunga Rampai
32. Bunga RampaiJakarta
33. Pempek Megaria
33. Pempek MegariaJakarta
34. Sulawesi@Kemang
34. Sulawesi@KemangJakarta
35. Lara Djonggrang
35. Lara DjonggrangJakarta
36. Omah Sendok Restoran
36. Omah Sendok RestoranJakarta