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Founded ages ago in Sicily, now gelato had become one of the go-to dessert loved by many Indonesian. Consisting of milk, cream and sugar, gelato is the English term for Italian-style Ice cream, usually lower in fat and higher in sugar than other types of ice cream. Jakarta also has the best gelato restaurant and shop, which offer various taste of richness.

In this list, Qraved had compiled the must-try gelato all around Jakarta. From sweet and creamy to fresh and fun, these gelato shops is the perfect getaway whenever you're wanting a cool breeze of best gelato in Jakarta.

Restaurants Selection

1. Gelato Secrets
1. Gelato Secretsjakarta
4.033 Reviews
2. Il Vero Gelateria
2. Il Vero Gelateriajakarta
4.128 Reviews
3. Grom
3. Gromjakarta
4.243 Reviews
4. llaollao
4. llaollaojakarta
4.03 Reviews
5. Latteria Gelato
5. Latteria Gelatojakarta
4.152 Reviews
6. Gelato Paradise
6. Gelato Paradisejakarta
4.33 Reviews
7. WooYoo
7. WooYoojakarta
4.39 Reviews
8. Lin Artisan Ice Cream
8. Lin Artisan Ice Creamjakarta
4.073 Reviews
9. North Pole Cafe
9. North Pole Cafejakarta
4.1161 Reviews
10. Island Creamery
10. Island Creameryjakarta
4.065 Reviews
11. Locarasa
11. Locarasajakarta
4.028 Reviews
12. Pesca
12. Pescajakarta
No ratings yet
13. Gaya Gelato
13. Gaya Gelatojakarta
4.510 Reviews
14. Pietro's Gelato
14. Pietro's Gelatojakarta
No ratings yet
15. Gelato Bar
15. Gelato Barjakarta
4.044 Reviews
16. Paletas Wey
16. Paletas Weyjakarta
4.01 Reviews
17. Cold Stone Creamery
17. Cold Stone Creameryjakarta
4.032 Reviews
18. Haagen - Dazs
18. Haagen - Dazsjakarta
5.03 Reviews
19. Baskin Robbins
19. Baskin Robbinsjakarta
4.01 Reviews