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Best Restaurants In Gandaria City

In the past few years, Gandaria City Jakarta had been one of the host for some of Jakarta's best restaurants. From the streets to shopping malls, Gandaria City offers a wide selection of best restaurants in Jakarta area, offering cuisines from Western to Eastern to somewhere in between.

When you're looking for best restaurants in Jakarta, be sure to check on Gandaria City and be prepared to be amazed by their wide culinary options, because you don't want to miss the uniqueness of these best restaurants in Gandaria City Jakarta that will surely blow your taste away.

Restaurants Selection

1. Coco Ichibanya Curryjakarta
22 Reviews
2. Fook Yewjakarta
11 Reviews
3. Jeans Chili Chickenjakarta
15 Reviews
4. La Hoya Comida Mexicanajakarta
13 Reviews
5. Bing Gojakarta
3 Reviews
6. Miyagijakarta
28 Reviews
7. Pablojakarta
19 Reviews
8. North Pole Cafejakarta
123 Reviews
9. Liberica Coffeejakarta
47 Reviews
10. Menya Sakurajakarta
26 Reviews
11. White Hunterjakarta
3 Reviews
12. Basilico Italian Restaurantjakarta
2 Reviews
13. Kintan Buffetjakarta
65 Reviews
14. Smorrebrodjakarta
3 Reviews
15. Double Potsjakarta
45 Reviews
16. Eric Kayser Artisan Boulangerjakarta
13 Reviews
17. NamNam Noodle Barjakarta
12 Reviews
18. Cupbopjakarta
7 Reviews
19. Pizza E Birrajakarta
20 Reviews
20. Munchiesjakarta
19 Reviews