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Best Restaurants In Blok M

Blok M had been one of the go-to area for people who search for Jakarta's best restaurants. Some of the best restaurants in Blok M Jakarta had been standing for decades, offering both traditional and modern cuisines that attracts food lovers to go and enjoy their menu selection.

Nowadays, Blok M have been adding more best restaurants to its resume, ranging from fine dinings to street culinary that roar across Jakarta's food enthusiasts, and will definitely give more colors to your choices of Jakarta's best restaurants -- whether you like modern or traditional cuisines.

Restaurants Selection

1. Yoiko Ramen 415
1. Yoiko Ramen 415Jakarta
2. Le Gran Cafe
2. Le Gran CafeJakarta
3. Postre Cakery
3. Postre CakeryJakarta
4. Sate Sambas Jupri
4. Sate Sambas JupriJakarta
5. Aoki Japanese Cuisine
5. Aoki Japanese CuisineJakarta
6. Wyl's Kitchen
6. Wyl's KitchenJakarta
7. Lewis & Carroll
7. Lewis & CarrollJakarta
8. Blue Jasmine
8. Blue JasmineJakarta
9. Restaurant Sarang Oci
9. Restaurant Sarang OciJakarta
10. Gudeg Kandjeng
10. Gudeg KandjengJakarta
11. Eatlah
11. EatlahJakarta
12. Blenger Burger
12. Blenger BurgerJakarta
13. Libby Brownies
13. Libby BrowniesJakarta
14. Sate Ayam Kambing RSPP
14. Sate Ayam Kambing RSPPJakarta
15. Journey Coffee
15. Journey CoffeeJakarta
16. Egg Nest Bistro
16. Egg Nest BistroJakarta
17. Asinan Betawi Ibu Yenni
17. Asinan Betawi Ibu YenniJakarta
18. Tokyo Skipjack
18. Tokyo SkipjackJakarta
19. Kerang Kiloan Pak Rudi
19. Kerang Kiloan Pak RudiJakarta
20. Walking Drums
20. Walking DrumsJakarta
21. Gulai Tikungan Blok M
21. Gulai Tikungan Blok MJakarta
22. Born Ga
22. Born GaJakarta
23. La Madame
23. La MadameJakarta
24. Caza Suki
24. Caza SukiJakarta
25. Super Steak
25. Super SteakJakarta
26. Penang Bistro
26. Penang BistroJakarta
27. Warung Pasta
27. Warung PastaJakarta
28. Join Kopi
28. Join KopiJakarta
29. Pandan Bistro
29. Pandan Bistro Jakarta
30. Rarampa
30. RarampaJakarta
31. Segoan The Dancing Rice
31. Segoan The Dancing RiceJakarta