Best Restaurants In AEON Mall

Having been known for its Japanese charm, Aeon Mall in Jakarta is filled with restaurants that is considered best in their fields. You will find amazing selections of Japanese culinary, from sushi to sake and everything in between. Some of the restaurants in Aeon Mall Jakarta is considered the best of their fields, concentrating in quality and homemade flair.

Thanks to their comfortable flow and great design, Aeon Mall is the home of some best restaurants in Jakarta. If you wish to indulge yourself in their Eastern charm, be sure to visit some of Jakarta's best restaurants in Aeon Mall.

Restaurants Selection

1. Caffe Benejakarta
2 Reviews
2. Kazan Ramenjakarta
62 Reviews
3. Ebisoba Ichigenjakarta
2 Reviews
4. On-Yasai Shabu Shabujakarta
34 Reviews
5. Uchino Shokudojakarta
8 Reviews
6. KOI Cafejakarta
22 Reviews
7. Shirokuma Cafejakarta
1 Reviews
8. DEL'IMMO Patisserie & Cafe Tokyojakarta
20 Reviews
9. Popolamamajakarta
32 Reviews
10. Kkuldakjakarta
54 Reviews
11. Imperial Kitchen & Dimsumjakarta
38 Reviews
12. I Love Taimeijakarta
2 Reviews
13. Ice Worldjakarta
1 Reviews
14. Kenny Rogers Roastersjakarta
6 Reviews
15. The Duck Kingjakarta
0 Reviews
16. Sour Sallyjakarta
1 Reviews
17. Steak 21jakarta
18 Reviews
18. Ocharakajakarta
0 Reviews