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Table8 at Hotel Mulia Senayan

5 Reviews
SenayanStart from 300rb
Hours 12:00 - 23:00Closed

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10 ratings
lian Rad
1 photos
2 reviews
Best chinese food buffet
My favourite place for big meal ;)
Citra Clarisa
0 photos
1 reviews
Worth It
Hotel Mulia is a nice place to have an all you can eat buffet, and Table8 focuses on Asian course. Luxury ambience, comfortable and the food just like in heaven. You can choose bbq, dim sum, peking duck, noodle, desserts.. I don't wanna miss everything, even only one food . The desserts are also Yummy!
Villa Lily Puncak
29 photos
3 reviews
all out chinese buffet
Its an all chinese food buffet. However, unlike other chinese food buffet that you order from your table, this one display the food just like any international buffet. Oddly enough this concept stuck in my head. The food is delish and the place screams 5 star hotel
Melisa Halim
0 photos
87 reviews
Not as Good as Its Reputation
I know a lot of people recommend this place as "the perfect Chinese restaurant", but I'd say it was under my expectation. The menu variety wasn't so wide, the taste was surprisingly so-so, the place was too dark at night, and some of the staffs weren't so professional. In my opinion, it was unlike The Cafe.
Oliver K
0 photos
4 reviews
Best Chinese cuisine buffet ever
The food here is consistently good and service impeccable. Well worth the price charged. Pork lovers will be overjoyed to see the various sinful dishes offered like the suckling pig crispy skin, roast pork, and charsiu. The stir fry station with its fresh seafood and vege is quick and delicious, while the grill station gets the temperature just I requested.

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