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Sushi Joobu

4 Reviews
Puri Indah100rb - 200rb
Hours 11:00 - 22:00Open Now

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7 ratings
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not bad
Pernah ke sushi joobu ini. All you can eat sushinya not bad sih harganya.. Ada paket 148k++, 188k++, dan 220k++. Waktu itu saya coba yang 188k++, paket yang exclude unagi (eel). Dari segi rasa sih ya menurut saya not bad, harganya juga cukup terjangkau jadi ya tutup mata deh ya hehe.. Kebanyakan sih mereka raw fish alias sashimi. Sashimi slicenya kecil2 jadi ya pesen banyakan aja klo emang doyan bgt sashimi. Tapi haru abis ya, soalnya mereka kena extra charge klo enggak hehe. sashimi slicenya juga lumayan fresh2 semua sih, yg doyan sashimi bakal worth it banget makan AYCE disini..
dominic gunawan
0 photos
2 reviews
really delicious!!!!
di kelapa gading juga ada. ini sushi enak banget!
Adam Sulistio
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5 reviews
Really unfair & unsatisfying service
It was saturday, Oct 22 2016. We ordered the all you can eat menu that includes sushi & sashimi (IDR 210000 incl. VAT), which is more expensive that the sushi all you can eat menu (IDR 155000 incl VAT). We arrived there at around 1 PM. The first salmon sashimi dish went up, and then we ordered more, and it came out, and we ordered again. However, the sashimi didn't come out anymore. We ordered some sushi and kept waiting. Ordered sushi again, and finally after around 1 hour later, the waiter came and said "Sashimi is still on the way here, it will arrive soon". Hearing that, we just ordered sushi and waited for our sashimi. 30 minutes later we are tired of waiting and ask the waiter, but he said that the sashimi haven't arrived yet. 30 minutes later, almost 3 PM, we asked the waiter and he said the sashimi will probably arrive in 15 minutes. We have been through 2 hours of waiting, we are almost full, yet the sashimi haven't arrived yet. Finally the manager came and said sorry to us, and we do appreciate it, however we already paid the more expensive all you can eat menu. It's not fair that we only get it at first, and then didn't get the sashimi and waited for 2 hours, but we still have to pay 100% of the price. He stated that any kind of discount isn't possible since their system didn't allow it. Well it was really not fair. Eventually he just eliminated the ocha fee from the bill, which was just IDR 10000. It's not fair, that we have to pay what we haven't really enjoy the full "all you can eat" sashimi experience, yet we have to pay the full price. If you know that it's not possible to serve us the full experience of "all you can eat sashimi", or you know that your stock isn't that much, it's better that you told us first from the start so we didn't need to order the more expensive menu, which is totally okay for us. However, they didn't tell us that, probably because they want to rip us off, who knows. In the end of the day, it's not fair, and probably we wouldn't recommend anyone to go here anymore Shame on you, Sushi Joobu.
Luminto Purnomo
0 photos
1 reviews
Good food
sushinya enak and worth it lah

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