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Momi & Toy's Creperie

70 Reviews
Kemang100rb - 200rb
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73 ratings
Karina Marpaung
4074 photos
4055 reviews
4 Crepes Unik yang Wajib Kamu Coba di Jakarta
Tak selamanya Nutella dan matcha ditakdirkan untuk saling menyandang "status jomblo". Ketika dijodohkan dalam sajian Matcha Nutella Crepes buatan Momi and Toy's Creperie, keduanya ternyata mampu membentuk rasa nikmat yang ampuh membuai lidah.
Karina Marpaung
4074 photos
4055 reviews
7 Sajian Almond yang Wajib Kamu Coba di Jakarta
Para pecinta crepes pasti udah nggak asing lagi deh dengan salah satu crepes paling enak di Jakarta ini. Biarpun dari luar kelihatannya dibikin dari tepung terigu biasa, namun siapa sangka ternyata crepes di sini dibuat dari tepung almond lho! Memang sih harganya agak lebih mahal dari crepes pada umumnya, tapi kamu nggak akan menyesal telah membayar harga yang sedikit mahal karena rasa dan tekstur lembutnya bener-bener nggak mengecewakan.
Nona TukangMakan
170 photos
55 reviews
Pillowy crepes and new waffle menus!
Momi & Toy’s is a Japanese based dessert restaurant that was first introduced as street creperie in 2005, Japan. In less than 11 years, the street creperie has made a tremendous expansion by opening more than 130 outlets worldwide, including in Indonesia. On the 26th of May, I was lucky to be invited by Momi & Toy’s Lippo Mall Kemang to try some of their delightful creations. Sweet Crepes! Premium Black & White - Nutella/ Skippy/ Toblerone (IDR 59.9K++) I was mesmerised by the soft pillowy crepes and their perfect thickness. Each of them also got some wonderfully portioned Nutella, Skippy, and Toblerone inside. The Nutella and Toblerone crepes were heavenly. It was comfortingly sweet, but not overly. As for the Skippy crepe, the sweetness was enhanced by a strong peanutty flavour, which gave out a strangely delicious sweet-salty sensation for my taste buds. All crepes were decorated with Momi & Toy's freshly made whipped cream, which was splendidly thin and fluffy. The dish was further enriched by the cold and relishing vanilla ice cream, perfect for a vanilla maniac like me. Matcha Nutella (IDR 29.9K++) This is the reason why green tea and Nutella lovers don’t need to put up a fight to determine which one of them is the best because we should just cherish both treasures. Other than the fluttering crepes, the outlet has exclusively launched three waffle menus starting on the 14th of May, and I was given the opportunity to try two of them. Nutella Cheese Waffle (IDR 14.9K++ - 1 pcs/ IDR 29.9K++ - 2 pcs) The dessert was good, but the cheese and Nutella would work better on a slightly crispier waffle rather than a soft and fluffy one. Nutella Banana Waffle (IDR 44.9K++) This waffle was more tantalising than its previous sibling. The fluffy waffle matched well with the vanilla and chocolate ice creams, and the sweet banana chunks that sat on top. Not forgetting the crunchy Pocky sticks, and the Nutella that was drizzled onto the waffle. It was an exquisite dessert to finish with. If you are craving for some refreshment to quench your thirst while you satisfy your sweet hunger with those crepes and waffles, the Momi & Toy’s Original Fruit Tea (IDR 34.9K++) could be an excellent choice. It was infused with a glorious blend of fresh lychee, lemon, and peach. Sweet and relishing! I am happy to finally try some of Momi & Toy’s mouthwatering favourites and its new waffle menu exclusive at Lippo Mall Kemang. If you are bored with their usual crepes, you can head to its Kemang outlet and try some of the new delightful waffle creations.
Iqra Rabika
3486 photos
3240 reviews
7 Cemilan Enak di Kemang Village
Momi & Toy's Creperie ini punya berbagai jenis crepes yang unik dan enak banget. Ada crepes yang pake whipped cream sampe crepes dengan rasa yang gurih semuanya ada. Bahkan disini kamu bisa custom crepes kamu mau kayak apa. Harganya juga bersahabat banget karena mulai dari 15k aja udah bisa ngemil crepes enak.

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4 Crepes Unik yang Wajib Kamu Coba di Jakarta7 Sajian Almond yang Wajib Kamu Coba di Jakarta7 Cemilan Enak di Kemang Village

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