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Hong Kong Cafe

33 Reviews
Tanjung Duren100rb - 200rb
Permanently Closed

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36 ratings
Della Medina
1211 photos
965 reviews
Ultimate Guide: 16 Dimsum Paling Maknyus di Jakarta
Meski nggak spesialisasinya menu dimsum, tapi pilihan menu di sini cukup komplit. Mulai dari hakau, ceker ayam, siew mai, char siew pao, curry puff, hingga fried dumpling bisa kamu nikmati di sini. Tinggal siapin perut aja nih!
Haetam Attamimy
1153 photos
1139 reviews
6 Makanan Yang Kejunya Berlimpah Hingga Tumpah Ruah
Creamy dan punya porsi keju yang banyak, mushroom mozarella baked spaghetti dari Hong Kong Cafe bakal bikin kamu puas.
Treasurebox Lorent
0 photos
2 reviews
rat experience!!!
ada tikus berkeliaran d dlm resto HKC central park...mengerikan sekali liat tikus dlm restoran x( baru kali ini...
Irene Christiana
60 photos
30 reviews
A great place to hang out, not a good place to be when you are on a diet. The space in Central Park Mall is spacious, elegant, and full of interesting stuff such as antique lanterns and porcelains, as well as vintage posters. Here, they merged the area with Tetsuya and Delika. The menu varies from dim sum menu, noodles dishes, and fusion dishes such as their baked rice. The drinks in offer are also varied, but so far my favourite is lime lemon honey, which tastes like iced kumquat syrup; sour, sweet, and definitely refreshing. The dim sums that I tried, like har gao and beancurd prawn spring rolls are quite small in size, although the filling is decent. For that kind of price, I was hoping for bigger portions. Beef bolognaise baked spaghetti is one worth trying; a very decent portion of well cooked spaghetti topped with fragrant bolognaise sauce which is spiked with basil leaf, and finished with stretchy layer of cheese. Heaps of cheese. If you want the rice version, go for Hongkong Café baked rice. Be aware though, the portion is huge (for me, at least). It is their signature bakes rice with two types of sauce: cream-based and tomato-based. On top there are fried chicken cutlet, mushrooms, and some seafood pieces. All enveloped beautifully with the stretchy cheese. The cheese will make your day, and the whole plate tastes really good. Overall? Recommended.

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Ultimate Guide: 16 Dimsum Paling Maknyus di Jakarta 6 Makanan Yang Kejunya Berlimpah Hingga Tumpah Ruah

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