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7 Reviews
Kemang100rb - 200rb
Hours 11:00 - 00:30Closed

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7 ratings
Fellexandro Ruby
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Casa is one of my personal favorite go-to place in Kemang. I would have given this place all full four star if its not for the smokey smell that lingers all over the room. Sometimes even when no one is smoking. So the trick is to go early in the morning before the crowd gets annoying later in the afternoon. Three reasons why I love this place: Great Food, Great Food, & Great Ambience. Coming from the same group that brings you Loewy, Union, Cork & Screw, Casa offers the same standard in quality consistency. I rarely met a restaurant that does well in Asian, Western, and Indonesian altogether. Its probably the reason why they've been around for quite some time with no sign of slowing down. A few of my personal favorites are: (1) Oxtail Fried Rice, for its flavorsome rice and most importantly the well grilled and well seasoned oxtail. Smooth, tender, and full of local Indonesian spices. (2) Baked Nachos With Jalapeno & Guacamole. Perfect as appetizer or snacking fuel while chatting with friends on one of the many cozy corners in Casa. (3) Chocolate Fondant. The ultimate dessert indulgence. Nicely baked choux dipped in melted milk chocolate and topped with sugar. The more diabetic it sounds, the better it is. To sum it up: Great food + Great ambience. What else could you ask for more? Read more reviews & drooling photos at >>

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