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18 Reviews
Senayan200rb - 300rb
Hours 10:30 - 22:00Closed

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21 ratings
Jessica Santoso
21 photos
49 reviews
As it's from the same group as sate khas senayan, I had such high expectation prior to coming here. Their sate sapi is so good, however, their sate ayam is not as good as sate khas in my opinion. Other dishes were also good though, but the one stood up to me was the sate sapi and serabi! Their serabi solo is so good that I wouldn't mind coming back there just to get the serabi! Overall, tesate was up to my expectation and will definitely come back to try other dishes!
Jun Ki
154 photos
53 reviews
rasany tak sama dengan yg dl :(
Dl pertama kali tesate buka itu makanny semuany enak enak loh tp makin lama makin gak seenak yg dl. Servies and ambience tetep bgs c. cm agak kecewa aja, rata-rata semua makanan tastenya menurun.
Joo Kim
1 photos
2 reviews
The best place to bring your expat friends! Tasty, good ambience and very clean :) the nasigoreng kampung and gado-gado are always the top on my list ❤️
Teny Novarini
0 photos
2 reviews
sateenya enak banget, bumbu kacangnya lembut dan pas rasanya. sop iganya juga gurih dan sedap
2 photos
2 reviews
Nice ambience , ok food but too expensive

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