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Sushi Tei

5 Reviews
Pondok Indah100rb - 200rb
Hours 10:00 - 22:00Open Now

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29 ratings
Chaerreza Rahmanda
30 photos
31 reviews
Baby Octopus
Menu yg selalu dipesen pas kesini, agak gimana sih liatnya, tp rasanya enak!
Venty Rosaline
32 photos
21 reviews
The Best Ever.
I think the branch in PIM is my favorite. The last time I was here with my friends, people were already making line outside. Almost 1 hour of waiting was totally paid off. Despite of the flood of customers, they still had all the menu. We got the sofa seat and it's really comfy that we could have fallen asleep anytime there. We ordered some menu and the star of all was the salmon enokki roll. First try and I'm in love. No words can describe the feeling when it landed into your mouth. Super delicious! The other menu that we had that noon were also superb. The best place to experience eating sushi!
Sintya Winarsih
1804 photos
1743 reviews
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Masih seputar green tea, menu dessert Matcha Monaka yang ada di Sushi Tei ini juga harus banget kamu coba setelah pesan sushi. Sajian ice cream padat dengan rasa green tea yang dibalut kulit semacam waffle ini enak banget lho! Harganya juga murah, cuma 32K aja!
Muhammad Wildan
3 photos
17 reviews
wah masakan jepang disini sangat beragam, dr shabu, sushi dll serta dessert sepeerti taiyaki, bagi yg fans cuisine japan bisa coba sushi tei, service dan ambience nya good lah
Steve Sutanto
0 photos
3 reviews
Ok, I've been here multiple times at multiple location, mostly in Indonesia and Singapore. I think, when I had it, in the beginning, about 5+ years ago was quiet impressive. The variant of sushi selections was definitely quiet attractive. However, the last visit to Indonesia, which was Christmas, 2012, it didn't taste as good as it used to be. The quality seems to kind decreased. Mostly, it just taste dry, and feels like a leftover food. With that said, I'd still go there though.

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